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Frans & Kapma Foundation
'So many roads lead to heaven' is the name of the program of SaxYOn, a special duo consisting of Ellen Zijm (accordion) and Marijke Schröer (saxophones), both with a classical conservatory education. This extraordinary combination of instruments provides a varied repertoire with original compositions, classical pieces and passionate tangos and rumbas.

The trees theme of the paintings, partly made by Ida Roekevisch, partly from the Frans & Kapma collection, reflects the immediate vicinity of the octagonal church, which is surrounded by tall oak trees. For humanity, trees are vital, they communicate with each other and some become more than a thousand years old. It is not surprising that artists have been inspired by trees over the centuries.

The intimate Haarlo church, halfway between Borculo and Eibergen, with place for 150 visitors, is open from 7 pm on November 4. The program starts at 7.30 pm and ends at around 22:00. Due to some grants, the entrance fee, including a drink in the break and afterwards, remains only 7.50 euro. Please sign up at info@idaroekevisch.com or info@frans-kapma-foundation.com.

The address: Wolinkweg 19, 7273 SL Haarlo