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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'Meeting in the park', 1917
Oil on panel, 50 x 45 cm,
Signed: lower left 'aage lund 17'
Aage Lund (1892-1972)

The apple never falls far from the tree and certainly not for the Danish artist Aage Lund. He descends from a creative family: his father was a theater décor painter at the Royal Theatre and the Casino Theater in Copenhagen and his grandfather earned a living as a copper engraver and draftsman. Both ancestors are included in the Dansk Konstnerlexikon of Ph. Weinbach, similar to the Dutch artist encyclopedia Pieter Scheen. Young Aage proves to be very talented: he paints, draws and makes lithographs and posters. On his way to the self-employed, but volatile artistry he stumbles across love. His wife Stense is soon tired of the ups and downs in the income of her husband and persuades him to find 'bourgeois' work. From 1925 he therefore exhibits no longer. The blood, however, is thicker than water - and that of artists is perhaps additional tempestuous – so he proceeds to work in his spare time with undiminished inspiration and passion on his poetic cityscapes, landscapes, that recall a bygone era, and his portraits of mostly his wife and daughter.

In 2000, so no less than 28 years after his death, the public can extensively acquaint with his work in a retrospective at the Museum Øregaard in Hellerup (a suburb of Copenhagen). In the explanatory memorandum the museum mentions Lund 'a versatile artist who has worked over the years with many different styles and motif choices. The initiative for the exhibition comes from the Danish TV-producer Nicolai Pors, who has, as a collector and connoisseur of the Danish poster art, a lot of interest in the work of Aage Lund. The daughter and son of the artist have for decades registered in good faith all his works, including the descriptions. Actually, they have always taken account of such a retrospective. The artist himself, who has his whole life a responsible leadership role in the technical and creative industry, was too modest to notify galleries or museums. He was not looking for publicity or sales, but developed his talent on his own and went his own way.

This delightful, nostalgic art work makes us musing on the thoughts of the painter and the gardener, who is watching so interested, almost reverently.

Also view: www.aagelund.dk