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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Not once, but twice the event 'SOUNDS and ART in the KLUNTJESJESPOT' took place last year. In addition to the traditional first Saturday night in November, there was a summer edition, partly thanks to grants from the Stichting Fonds 1819 and Rabobank (via the 'Heart for the Achterhoek' campaign). Both evenings elicited enthusiastic reactions from the visitors.
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Looking back: 2016 began intense sad when on February 3 very suddenly and totally unexpectedly dr. K. Frans (Niek), the initiator, inspirer and co-founder of the Frans & Kapma Foundation deceased. The board then canceled the planned, large exhibition of works by Ap Dekkers. Yet in the meantime the extensive collection of watercolours made by this artist, that has been entrusted to the Foundation, is documented and some works are framed.
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In the current year the watercolours made by Ap Dekkers will be documented and partly framed, ready for a next exhibition. In addition a modest storage is made, from where new house exhibitions are compiled by circulation. Some guided tours are already planned. On Saturday November 5, 2016 is again an exhibition with live music in the church in Haarlo on the program.
The board of the Frans & Kapma Foundation also has committed itself to formulate clear criteria to accept art legacies. It will examine how these artworks can be managed optimally and where they can be exhibited with some regularity, so that they remain accessible for a wide audience. About this there are consults with various associations, as this is an important issue for many artists and many organizations are confronted with it. To get herein to a good and sustainable solution constructive cooperation is essential.
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From all parts of the world our website attracts attention. People who are looking for information about an artist find us by googling. Frequently they want to know the value of a work of art and / or offer us paintings for sale. Also visitors of our site sometimes want to know the price of the depicted paintings and then we explain that we just collect and don’t sell.
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Main activity in 2013 is that some 60 paintings from the Frans & Kapma Collection have been exhibited for three months under the title 'Human Beings' in the Nagelhout Hall in Holten (Overijssel). More than 2,500 people visit the exhibition. Young people let themselves be inspired by the works of art and go painting on the spot during the so-called 'Uutmarkt'. Many visitors pointed out their favourite painting, which once again shows how tastes vary: almost every painting is one or more times designated.

During the 'Uutmarkt' on September 7 in Holten, young people inspired
by the exhibited works of art paint on the spot. Photo: Hans Wissink
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Last year – 2012 – much energy is focused on the ideas to transform the former town hall of Gorssel into a multifunctional 'Art Palace'. Every political party in the municipality of Lochem has been informed during separate meetings about our plans, which resulted in a wide and solid support.
Then a miracle happens: after the wealthy family Melchers find out about the ideal location in Gorssel, they decide to buy the former town hall and associated plot in order to build there a new museum in which part of the thousand works by Dutch realists from the purchased Scheringa collection can be exhibited. Fantastic of course. A Boost for Gorssel and surroundings.

Our foundation is then tipped that the Ruurlo Castle, property of the municipality of Berkelland, is for sale or rent.

Ruurlo Castle gets, prior to the sale, a thorough painter turn.
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The idea of an Art Palace in Gorssel, launched in early 2011, is elaborated as a concept in the course of that year. Since the municipalities Gorssel and Lochem merged, a new town hall is being built elsewhere. So the town hall of Gorssel, situated in the heart of the village, will be soon redundant and could be a perfect accommodation, is the suggestion of a consultant specialized in museum management. After a major conversion a cultural attraction could arise between Zutphen and Deventer and close to the A1 motorway. It will give the local economy a boost and prevents impending vacancy.
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The town of Lochem must be a centre of arts and culture, that is the ambitious intention of mayor Frans Spekreijse and the aldermen. The FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION has been invited to think about its design and an external agency is currently conducting a feasibility study. Great idea, of course!
In this context also fits the plan for a (so called) 'Art Palace' in Gorssel, of which the FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION is a co-initiation.
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The FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION did extensive research on the history of the painting 'The new man' and its painter Henri van de Velde (Hendrik van de Velde) and put together a lot of facts in an essay of 24 pages. The painting was purchased by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in 2007 and in the press releases it suddenly got another name and was labelled as a 'Nazi icon'. From our research and contacts with, among others, Arnold van de Velde, son of the painter who lives in Canada, a number of misconceptions could be invalidated and a more realistic image of the artist arose.
End of the year the essay was widely distributed in circles of art historians and museums, universities and media so that they are now well informed. In the meantime the Rijksmuseum gave the painting back its original name and, moreover, 'The new man' is no longer part of the permanent collection of the History Department of the Rijksmuseum (De Volkskrant of December 18, 2010).
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On November 22, 2009 we had our first activity in The Roskam in the town of Gorssel. This activity was a cultural (art) meeting which integrated literature with music and the visual arts under the name 'literary concert with art exhibition'. About 200 patrons, which included a dozen artists, became fascinated by the message of the event: to pay more respect to nature and life. Dr. Jan Terlouw, whom is not only author but also politician and scientist, showcased his new novel 'unstable world'. Numerous patrons used Dr. Terlouws presence to have their copy of 'unstable world' signed. Dr. Terlouw's recital of text from his book was accompanied by the passionate melody's of Astor Piazzola, performed by the Orion Ensemble. The artist and colorist Ida Roekevisch exhibited seven paintings revolving around the event's theme.
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