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Frans & Kapma Foundation
The town of Lochem must be a centre of arts and culture, that is the ambitious intention of mayor Frans Spekreijse and the aldermen. The FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION has been invited to think about its design and an external agency is currently conducting a feasibility study. Great idea, of course!
In this context also fits the plan for a (so called) 'Art Palace' in Gorssel, of which the FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION is a co-initiation. Architect Ir. Jos Reyes has made two designs for a modern museum
(Art Palace) with the following principles:
  • clear and distinctive
  • small and accessible
  • multifunctional and interactive
  • offering information but also entertainment
  • visitor friendliness has a very high priority

The ultimate goal of the 'Art Palace' is to involve a broad audience in art, to inspire people and to arouse and increase their interest in artists, primarily from the (wide) region. Together with a small, active group a leaflet (in Dutch) was compiled, in which the ideas are expressed.

More information: info@frans-kapma-foundation.com