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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Our art collection now includes some 330 paintings, which all hang or stand in our house. After all, our mission is that paintings should be seen, if necessary in the bathroom, bedroom or toilet. However, to continue collecting, we will have to start a modest depot in 2015. It is our unwavering principle that we rotate the paintings so that all works are in sight as often as possible. What they deserve!

To share our collection with more people, we organized - in addition to the digital exhibition on the website - a number of guided tours for small groups (maximum 12 people) last year and there are already several planned for 2015. Of course, we continue to expand our 'house museum' and let others also regularly enjoy our collection and our special living place.

Meanwhile, we get more and more requests to include a total collection of paintings, books and documentation of deceased artists in our Frans & Kapma Foundation. Based on our stated mission the heirs believe to have found here the desired destination. We are considering this seriously and are looking for interesting heritage sites in order to exhibit there temporary and provide in this way a platform for the artists. Obviously we will keep you informed of all developments.

The Rothko exhibition (until March 1, 2015) in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague attracts visitors of all ages. Wonderful to see that so many let themselves inspire by works of art!