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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Essay about the controversial painting 'THE NEW MAN'

Kees Zandvliet, at that time head of the Dutch History Department of the museum, calls the painting during a television interview 'more a historical document than a work of art'. Arnold van de Velde, the son of the painter who lives in Canada, has been fighting for years against the negative image of his father: "He has not hurt anybody during World War II." Who was Henri van de Velde, what were his motives and how come he and his work are nailed to the pillory?

Through 'The Temptation of H.Antony' - the painting of Henri van de Velde on this website (see Gallery) - we came in contact with Arnold van de Velde and - in line with the objectives of the Frans & Kapma Foundation – we collected much information about the controversial painting 'The new man' and its creator.

Thus we found out that 'the new man' was an international theme in the thirties of the 20th century and was also painted by many well-known artists like Dali, Kandinsky, Picasso, Giacometti an others. In 2008 in Ottawa, at The National Gallery of Canada, was even organized an exhibition around this theme entitled 'The making of the new man'.

Based on the gathered information we found no objective reasons to see 'The new man' of Henri van de Velde as a Nazi icon. Our question to all the persons concerned is therefore: should this painting and its creator not be revaluated?

We wrote an Essay of 24 pages on it and have sent it to museums, universities, art historians and media, so the world is in any case aware of the facts we collect. If you also like to receive the Essay, including the list of consulted information (sorry, but it is only available in Dutch), please send an email with your request using the button 'invitations'.

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