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'Stone jar with bouquet', 2004, watercolour, 42 x 42 cm
Signed: lower right 'a.d. dekkers 2004'
Ap Dekkers (1925-2007)

This bright watercolour of draftsman, graphic artist, illustrator and aquarellist Albert Derk ('Ap') Dekkers is part of his legacy, which counts dozens of landscapes, gardens, still lifes, flower bouquets, portraits and studio views. Always full of colour, sometimes dreamy, subtle and transparent because the paint is mixed generously with water, other times very intense and lively. Dekkers is a versatile artist, but completely devoted to watercolours.

On 15 July 1925 Ap Dekkers is born in Borne, but spends his youth in Hengelo (O). He goes to the Art Academy (then 'Teekengenootschap Kunstoefening') in Arnhem, where he initially chooses the direction of Free Painting, but he soon switches to Graph and Illustrative Art. At the academy he meets his wife Etta Weiss, who also studies Illustrative Art. In 1949 Dekkers makes the best final exams and wins a prize of five hundred guilders, made available by the Werkgemeenschap van Arnhemse Kunstenaars (W.A.K.). The examination papers have been exhibited in the gallery of Guus van Binsbergen in Arnhem.

As an independent graphic designer, he and his wife tackle all kinds of assignments to provide for their maintenance: from modernizing the Arnhem city coat of arms to making book covers and illustrating books and magazines. In 1985 a beautiful reading, talk and do book is published for toddlers, parents and educators with 48 stories from the Bible, written by Tinie de Vries. The book has 770 illustrations, of which 630 in colour, all made by Ap and Etta. The 120-year-old Nederlandsche Zondagsschool Vereeniging was the client.

In 1970 Ap Dekkers wins the competition for a design of a sculpture for the new Vroom & Dreesman building in the center of Arnhem; nowadays it stands triumphantly at the Mayor Matsersingel. The artist makes even more statues, for example for Akzo's head office and for various other companies.

In the meantime he is active as an aquarellist, exhibits regularly, starts a written drawing course and is the founder and driving force of the Kreatieve Werkgroep Arnhem (KWA), first in Arnhem and later in Schaarsbergen, where the number of participants with six teachers grows to over 200. After his retirement in 1990 he guides students in Atelier Spitsbergen in Veenendaal.

The artists encyclopedias of Pieter Scheen and P.M.J. Jacobs only give short information about him, as well as the catalog 'Beeldende Kunstenaars Gelderland' (1981). Some old newspaper clippings with reviews have also been preserved. Two years after his death a monograph edited by Etta Dekkers appears with texts by Lies Netel and illustrated with over 100 photographs of watercolours (ISBN 978 90 78599 12 8 2009); this watercolour is on page 33.