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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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73. Joseph Mous
74. Jacques Mels
75. P.N. van de Wall Perné
76. Liesbeth Rahder
77. Willy Sluiter
78. Fred Sieger
79. Ciano Siewert
80. Harrie Lenferink
81. F.A. van Oostveen
82. Willy Fleur
83. Anton Heyboer
84. Bart de Graaf

'Devils head',
Oil on canvas, 70 x 90 cm,
Signed: below left 'bart'
Bart de Graaf (1946)

The management of the Wassenaar municipality sends a letter to the on May 16, 1946, born artist Bart de Graaf, who should live in Voorburg. The municipality asks him to cooperate 'with the possible change of use of your work that has come via the BKR in the possession of the municipality', because they want to set up 'an appropriate collection strategy'. Today the municipality looks 'very different' to collections. 'Not the collection itself is a target. What is important is that the audience can also see the work (...).' A noble ambition, the Frans and Kapma Foundation has the same mission.

'If we're going to formalize this process,' continues the letter, 'it is possible that the artworks made by you no longer fits into the collection of the municipality. That would mean that they are stored in the basement of the town hall and that is a pity.' Indeed, a shame!

In this letter, dated May 22, 2008, is explained that a large number of artworks are offered through a so-called relocation database to other institutions and museums. If there is no interest from that side the artworks will be moved to a special auction. This letter from the council got no response from Bart de Graaf.

When we finally bought two works at the auction, we request the municipality of Wassenaar for information about the painter: where is he educated, where is his work exhibited, when has the municipality acquired the artworks. However, it appears that there are no data about the artist. Unfortunately we more often notice, that there is little or nothing laid down about the artworks in corporate and government collections. You would expect that at least some basic characteristics are filed. That would be respectful to the artist.

This generously sized, expressive canvas is a to the imagination and emotions evoking painting. The 'devil's head' is centrally placed on a sort of standard and all the figures seem to move around the head, walking or floating. Such a work invites us to get to know the artist Bart de Graaf! Who knows, maybe he reports himself, when he sees the painting on this website and our call.