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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
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'Habitue café Brun, Pont-en-Royans (Isère)', ca. 1980
Watercolour and charcoal, 28 x 39 cm,
Signed: lower left 'ten hoope'
Bob ten Hoope (1920-2014)

Instantly captivates us this watercolour, a scene that you can imagine so well: a self-absorbed habitue with a beer - or is it pastiche - waiting for his companions. He ponders the happenings of the day, perhaps his sins. . . The artwork passes by a couple of times, we have other things on our minds, but then we cannot deny it anymore and now it hangs in our home!

Maître Cornelis Jan ('Bob') ten Hoope is called a Frenchified Gooi painter. Early fifties, during an exchange of artists between the Netherlands and France, organized by the Holten GP Jo Nagelhout, he becomes fascinated by the wild nature and the special light of the mountainous region around Pont-en-Royans (Is&eare Department). Meanwhile this place is for half a century his second domicile, where he spends most of the year. Is Café Brun in Pont-en-Royans his favorite bar, in Laren is that 'Het Bonte Paard'. Typical for his popularity in Het Gooi is that here the Bob ten Hoope Foundation is established in order to secure the artworks the painter leaves behind in Blaricum and Laren.

Bob ten Hoope is born in Bussum. He is successively a student at the Institute of Applied Art Quellinus (1936-1940), the National School for Drawing Teachers (1941) and the National Academy of Fine Arts (1942-1949), all in Amsterdam. Nudes, café scenes, landscapes, cityscapes and portraits he paints in watercolour, oil, gouache and chalk, and he also makes drypoint etchings. Ten Hoope excels in nudes, for which his wife Annette poses frequently.

Countless times has Bob ten Hoope exhibited: a lot in France, but also in Egypt (Cairo, 1953), Italy (Florence and Venice, 1979), Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow, 1986), New York (1988 and 1995) and in the Netherlands, including in Hamdorff and the Singer Museum in Laren.

He receives many awards and is in 2010 appointed to Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau. His reaction to all the praise: "It is an art if you can do it, and when you do it it’s no longer an art." His work has been included in the collections of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Singer Museum.