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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

Discover the artists represented in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION.

109. Helen Martina
110. Chris Soer
111. Ada Stel
112. F.A. Mooy
113. Nico van Rijn
114. Jack Jefferys
115. Laetitia de Haas
116. Willem van den Berg
117. Aris Knikker
118. Herman Bieling
119. János Bittenbinder
120. Cornelis Vreedenburgh

'Houses with hanging bay windows in Brugge',
Oil on canvas, 25 x 31 cm,
Signed: lower right 'chr.soer'
Chris Soer (1882-1961)

Many famous artists have exhibited in 'the Rotterdam Art Circle' - a respectable cultural center between 1913 and 1942 - and many philosophers, poets and writers gave lectures here. Among them Christiaan (Chris) Soer. In a verbose review (date unknown) of an exhibition of paintings and drawings 'is given a good idea of the versatility of the artist: cityscapes, picturesque corners of romantic neighborhoods in Bruges, Amsterdam, Dordt and elsewhere; markets, towers, gates, bridges, canals at different weather at different times of the day in different seasons. And in addition to the cityscapes hang landscapes, fields, forests, roads, avenues under snow and under summer sun; furthermore, church interiors and plenty of still lifes (...). Although the big pieces are meritorious, we prefer the lower hanging canvasses. Among them there are many, that excel in a very civilized coloration and a very delicate mood'.

The artist, born and deceased in The Hague and educated at the Hague Royal Academy of Arts, has indeed painted an impressive series of atmospheric cityscapes at home and abroad. In Belgium (often in Bruges, but also in Ghent and Brussels), Germany, France (Paris and Dijon) and the Netherlands (The Hague, Scheveningen, Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Amsterdam) he uses his brush almost tireless. The Pieter Scheen artists encyclopedia mentions that Soer originally paints in naturalistic style and later more impressionistic. The art historian and author of numerous monographs Carole Denninger considers him to be 'the second generation Hague School painters, who attach importance to an impressionist painting style and the mood of the moment'.

We are fascinated by this oil painting that shows the autumn sun shining on the 'Houses with hanging bay windows in Bruges', also because we know in the Netherlands the idyllic over the water of the Damsterdiep hanging kitchens in the North Groningen Appingedam so well. These medieval buildings are originating warehouses, dating from the time when the town was a thriving seaport. Today they form a conservation area, which has been photographed and painted numerous times, just like the hanging bay windows in beautiful Bruges with its - of course - many times larger historic center. Chris Soer and many of his fellow artists were inspired by this picturesque townscape.