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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'Homesick for a carefree day at the beach',
Oil on panel, 12 x 17 cm,
Signed: lower right 'd. james'
Dave James (1953)

This is the smallest painting in our collection and one of the first purchases through an auction.

Intimates from the art world sometimes ask us whether we dare to buy artworks at auctions. After all, there are so many malpractices in art. Indeed, signatures are tampered in oder to upgrade a work and for commercial reasons canvases are re-painted, poorly restored or incorrectly varnished. The safest is to buy directly from the artist or through the gallery that represents him or her. At an auction you have to research the condition and authenticity yourself.

We are well aware of the risks and therefore we have collected almost 200 binders full of alphabetically arranged information about artists, which gives us a good idea of what has been made and what is for sale and what the price developments are. So before we make a bid, we do some homework and. . . that comes in handy.

As novice collectors we were immediately charmed by this oil painting. The maker was unknown to us. We liked the nostalgic scene, which evokes memories of long beach walks, where the salty sea breeze blows your hair and the sun warms and colours your face, in short, of a carefree holiday. That the art work was not painted in the fin-de-siècle era but recently, did not bother us.

According to the artists' encyclopedia of Jacobs, the painter Dave James is born on January 16, 1953 in Darlington, England. He paints, draws and makes graphic work along the lines of impressionism and lives in Dordrecht since 1992, where he is a member of the United Artists Foundation. He is also affiliated with the Kunstenbond of the FNV.

Our collection is growing, our taste is changing and in the meantime this art work has been given a modest place in our house. We are surprised each time when a visitor indicates that he really like this romantic beach scene and that he would like to take it home. . . Not very strange. After all, we once also yielded to the temptation.