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Frans & Kapma Foundation
A thousand years ago, the Liao dynasty occupied an area of about 4000 km in diameter, including northern China, Mongolia and part of Russia. Nomads roamed around with their cattle and cities and palaces were build. Members of the imperial family were buried with splendor and beauty and from a completely intact grave, discovered in 1989, beautiful objects have been excavated.

In the Asser Museum you can see tombs of Han-Chinese elite with unlikely well-preserved frescoes, depicting daily life in the 10th and 11th centuries in Central Asia. Here you will hear typical Chinese music to underline the atmosphere. In the showcases are gold, silver and amber jewelry displayed, beautifully crafted bowls and cups, horse harness fittings in gold-plated silver and decorated with jade and rock crystal and many other items that testify to a highly developed craftmanship. The golden death mask of Princess Chen, who died in 1018 at the age of 17, and her beautifully decorated gold-plated silver boots, both specially made for her journey to the afterlife, are highlights.

This unique exhibition, for which the Inner Mongolia Museum Hohhot has loaned the objects, can be seen until October 27th 2017.