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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

Discover the artists represented in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION.

145. Paula Thies
146. Elli Slegten
147. Bep van Beek
148. Jan Homan
149. Annica Koot
150. Paul Hugo ten Hoopen
151. Gert Hendriksen
152. Dick Haakman
153. Jan van Kempen
154. Jetty Homan
155. W. Hüliam
156. Max Rädecker

'The caged cornel', 1997,
Acryl on paper, 39 x 51 cm,
Signed: lower right 'elli slegten 97'
Elli Slegten (1939)

Nature fascinates her immoderately, but she does not paint it fully realistically. Elli Slegten mentions her style of painting 'not abstract and not naturalistic, but colourful and vibrant'. Michiel Morel says about her in 2012: 'She paints radiant, colourful, mostly abstract compositions based on plants, flowers, trees and the landscape in her area.' Inge Pollet explains in De Gelderlander in 2006: 'Elli Slegten is a gardener. Her work is about nature, about its whimsical course and about its beauty on the other side. She loves forests and all plants in her own garden, which has the size of a small park. She knows all about these plants, which ones are good in a compote and which are good against a headache. She actually imagines herself in the plants (...). It's not about displaying everything properly (...), but that their soul is captured.’ 'New figurative' is the label that sticks Pieter Scheen's artists' encyclopedia to her style.

At first she paints her gardens and landscapes in oil paint, later in acrylic. There are also many screen prints made of her paintings. On the internet we also see examples of 'Elli Slegten wallpaper', a colourful fete of abstracted petals. Throughout the Netherlands she has exhibited and, among other things, the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem (MMKA) has included works of her.

Elisabeth Hermina Maria ('Elli') Slegten is born in Wijhe (Overijssel). She is educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, where she gets lessons from Fred Sieger (see number 78). Later she is a teacher at the same academy herself for ten years. According to the artists' encyclopedia of P.M.J. Jacobs she lives in Velp (1969), in the vicinity of Dieren (1983) and since 1991 in Doesburg. There she lives and works with her husband, the artist and exhibition maker Marten Hendriks (1941), who also has been a student of Fred Sieger. Together they have two children (Lieven and Rosemin), who are in the meantime also artists.

This painting, made in 1997, we bought from Renate van der Hoeven, owner of the former gallery De Pol in Pannerden. The shrub with colourful leaves, here dramatically caged, shows its splendor especially in winter as its deep red branches are fascinatingly contrasting with the fallen snow.