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'Buddha', 2002,
Watercolour on paper, 23 x 33 cm,
Signed: 'et '02'
Eugène Terwindt (1941)

When we buy this watercolour, we know little more about Eugène Terwindt than that he is the brother of Robert Terwindt (see Gallery no. 63). However Eugène François Emile ('Eugène') Terwindt, born in 1941 in Berg en Dal near Nijmegen, is a very versatile visual artist and monumental designer.

Although he has solo or group exhibitions of paintings, watercolours and drawings every year, his monumental projects (in public spaces and on and near buildings) stand out more.

He designs the courtyard with a huge glass arch of the Academic Hospital in Utrecht, the artwork 'Golf, bank and uprights' at the Raadhuisplein in Papendrecht, a 26 meter high, free-standing object 'The sky is the limit' on the estate of Avegoor in Ellecom and the monument for 15 fallen Allied pilots in Rozendaal. His name is also connected to countless other monumental and environmental projects, including for the tax authorities in Eindhoven, the CBS in Heerlen, DELA in Helmond, Crematorium Hofwijk in Rotterdam, AKZO in Arnhem and AEGON in Apeldoorn.

Eugène Terwindt's paintings and watercolours have been exhibited in many places in the Netherlands, such as Pulchri Studio in The Hague, TNO in Delft and Enschede, the Glass Museum in Schiedam, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, the Town Hall of Rheden and galleries in Arnhem, Laag Keppel, Wageningen , Amsterdam, Leeuwarden and IJsselstein.

His paintings and watercolours often arise in series: every two or three years he has a different theme such as 'romantic constructions', 'return of logic', 'activated landscapes', 'reality and illusion', 'quarries', 'ruins' and 'bridges'. A number is included in important corporate collections.

Educated is Terwindt at the HTS, section Architecture, and the Academy for Visual Arts (monumental architectural design) in Arnhem. In 1969 he obtained the academic prize (projects in architecture) for his research into the relationships between colour, form, space and material, especially the interpretation of 2 and 3 dimensionality and the spatial suggestion. The artist holds various teaching and management positions and publishes articles on visual art and monumental projects in glass.

Maarten Beks schrijft over een expositie: "De aquarellen en schilderijen van Eugène Terwindt zijn een verinnerlijkte opname van de buitenwereld." Deze kleine aquarel toont een boeddha in vogelperspectief en ernaast een grote schelp, één van de acht gelukssymbolen van het Tibetaanse boeddhisme. Een bijzonder en dierbaar kunstwerk.

Maarten Beks writes about an exhibition: "The watercolours and paintings by Eugène Terwindt are an internalized recording of the outside world." This small watercolour shows a buddha in bird's eye view and next to it a large shell, one of the eight lucky symbols of Tibetan Buddhism. A special and precious work of art.