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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'November 11', 2009
Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm,
Signed: lower left 'gaasendam 2009'
Flip Gaasendam (1957)

One of our favorite artists is Flip Gaasendam. His warm, impressionistic interiors of station restaurants and taprooms brought him deserved fame. That is because of the beautiful light in those rooms, where the people are talking to each other, reading newspapers, working on their laptops, requesting an order or just eating a bite. This makes sure that you know immediately that it is a 'Gaasendam'.

He often sketches on Saturday mornings in the Groningen station restaurant. In the monograph 'Flip Gaasendam, poet in paint' (2007), he declares. "An artist is supposed to be independent. He works alone. That is more a result of, than one's choice. Sometimes I need to see other people. Then I'm going to sketch for example in the station restaurant." During 'vacations' on the island Schiermonnikoog he sketches inside the well-known hotel Van der Werff and on Terschelling and the German island Borkum he lays down the beach life, as his sketchbook accompanies him everywhere. "I think I will continue sketching till the last day of my life. I cannot do without. I always must immortalize what I see. Call it an aberration..."

Working outdoors he prefers dry weather, though this does not always work. He would like to paint the atmosphere of November 11, the day children go with paper lanterns along the houses singing Sint Maarten songs, but it always seems to rain that day. In his recollection was that formerly, when he was a child, the same. This very special work of art shows a doughnut stall on the rainy Grote Markt in Groningen on November 11, 2009. Children with paper lanterns, accompanied by their parents, are waiting for a hot doughnut and others continue their tour through wind and weather, hoping to pick up much candy. A rare scene; wonderful how the light reflects in the puddles.

Every day we still enjoy this oil painting, which secretly evokes a little nostalgia. We do hope for the artist, that it does not rain next November 11, so that he can paint many happy children with their Sint Maarten lanterns.

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