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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Flip Gaasendam in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION

At the start of 2010 this oil on canvas (100 x 115 cm) of the Groningen painter Flip Gaasendam (1957) was added to the FRANS & KAPMA Collection. This work entitled 'Huis Dorth' was made on order. And finally, after a long and exciting wait, Flip came to hang it up personally. No matter how many times we look at this painting, we are captivated again and again.

Background info: Flip Gaasendam has completed a degree at the Minerva Academy in Groningen in 1982 were he was educated by Matthijs Röling and Rein Pol in the intricacies of oil painting. Of great influence on his development as an artist were Jan van Loon and Ben van Voorn too. After his graduation he followed numerous lessons of the Amsterdam based painter Hans Bayens together with former classmates Sam Drukker and Sim Visser. In the present day, Flip teaches his own classes at the Grongingen Academy which he has been doing for many years now.

Some would call Flip Gaasendam an impressionist. As he poetically captures light in his work. The beauty of Flips technique is especially apparent in his captivating interiors of ancient and venerable buildings. Such buildings include the station restaurant of Groningen, atmospheric schools, nostalgic hotels and artists cafe's. In these works there is always a diffuse light flowing through the windows. Flip also creates landscapes and portraits. But whatever he chooses to depict, the viewer is always struck by the playful use of light.

Flip Gaasendam is a modest and friendly man, whom considers himself to be part of the Northern Figuratives. "I do not strive for an objective detailed view, but manipulate the reality and obey my experiences and feelings. So I can in a sense become detached from reality and create my own". He deliberately leaves some details away, others he gives an accent according to his personal impressions. "What is not needed to create the right atmosphere and feel, I leave out". He always follows his intuition. As a viewer you feel the integrity and honest emotion with which this artist creates his work. As such it is rather fitting that his 2007 monograph be subtitled 'poet in paint'.
Also view: www.flipgaasendam.nl

Flip Gaasendam (1957)
'Huis Dorth', 2009
oil on canvas, 100 x 115 cm
Signed r.o. 'Gaasendam 2009'