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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
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'Still life with Cape Jasmine'
Oil on canvas, 34 x 42 cm
Signed: below left 'frans oerder'

Frans Oerder (1867-1944)

South Africa has stolen our hearts. The language is so rich, the wine is full of sun, the vastness of the landscape is a breath of fresh air and flora and fauna are an unprecedented treasure. We are certainly not the only ones. The Rotterdam-born painter Frans Oerder spent much of his life in the 'rainbow country'.

The talented artist is described extensively in the South African artists encyclopaedia 'BERMAN' (1983) and in the Dutch equivalent 'SCHEEN' (1969). Especially by his flower paintings (for this he got several silver medals), his Transvaal landscapes (among others Henk Pierneef got lessons from him) and his portraits (Oerder painted about 600 portraits of children), he acquires great fame and great respect in South Africa, even more than in the Netherlands. His play of light and shadow and his vibrant colour palette are praised deservedly.

Frans David Oerder is educated at the Art Academy of Rotterdam and continues his studies in Brussels and Italy. In the footsteps of his brother, he leaves in 1890 for South Africa, where he successively is a painter, art teacher and cartoonist. He starts his own studio, exhibits with growing success and obtains the South African nationality. During the Boer War he makes as the first 'Official War Artist' innumerable sketches of war situations, but becomes in that period also infected with malaria.

In 1908 he departs - forced by the economic crisis in the country - to Italy and goes back to the Netherlands, is a member of various artists' associations and exhibits among others in Amsterdam, where he met his wife, the artist Gerda Pitlo. At the same time he participates very successfully in exhibitions in South Africa. In 1938 he returns, along with his wife, to this country that recieves him as a celebrity. Six years later he dies in Pretoria. His work is included in numerous South African museums.

This flower still life is painted in a loving, almost tender manner: the mysterious light does the countless white petals of the Cape Jasmine shine above the warm copper pot and the deep blue tablecloth. Touchingly beautiful. Perhaps the work belongs in South Africa, the country that Frans Oerder loved. Maybe one day we will bring it 'home'. . .