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Frans & Kapma Foundation


There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

Discover the artists represented in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION.

73. Joseph Mous
74. Jacques Mels
75. P.N. van de Wall Perné
76. Liesbeth Rahder
77. Willy Sluiter
78. Fred Sieger
79. Ciano Siewert
80. Harrie Lenferink
81. F.A. van Oostveen
82. Willy Fleur
83. Anton Heyboer
84. Bart de Graaf

'Man on chair reading a newspaper', 1981
Bronze, single copy, height 18,5 cm,
Signed: under chair 'HL 81'
Harrie Lenferink (1933)

In the early eighties of the last century we buy this bronze sculpture directly from the artist in his studio in Tubbergen (Twente) and we are still excited about it! What makes it so special is that this artwork is not only the single copy, but it is also casted in bronze in one time. This requires great skill and experience of the artist, also because of the fragile legs and rungs of the chair. So the newspaper reading man is not (with glue or so) fixed on the chair, which is sometimes assumed by visitors. Another exciting feature is that the entire artwork remains stable, despite the top-heavy impression created by the forward-leaning person. The cap, that heedless hangs on the knob of the chair can hardly influence this, but emphasizes the relaxed activity. Of course the image also reminds us of the time when one of us was working as a journalist for a daily newspaper, long before the internet inundated us minute by minute with news from around the world.

Harrie Lenferink, educated at the Social Pedagogic Centre Middeloo in Amersfoort and being a teacher visual design, sculpture and bronze casting, has a close relationship with his hometown Tubbergen. So he designs and casts in 1980 some 16 bronze Honorary Medals for the municipality. Although he made in 1996 an extra ten, in 2006 there are no more in stock and they are urgently looking for the artist, who now appears to live in Spain. However, after a stay of fifteen years in Moraira, he returns to his former residence and casts a new series of bronze Honorary Medals. Earlier, he made a bronze statue, 'De klootschieter', which stands on the town hall square and is offered at the farewell of Mayor C.A. Smal on March 15, 1994. In January 2010 he gives the starting signal for an exhibition of his objects and sculptures in the foyer of the town hall.

Apart from figurative and later especially abstract bronzes the versatile artist - who also writes small poems with a philosophical approach - makes organically shaped jewelry in silver and bronze.