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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Art and artists are sources of inspiration, power and renewal. They communicate emotions, philosophize in shapes and colours, get established facts from their pedestal, stimulate
different ways of thinking and often contribute to social awareness.

It is the ideology of Niek and Ellis Frans that something as vital as art should not be forgotten
or shoved into a corner, but should be accessible to a wide audience.
That is why Niek and Ellis Frans started the FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION in 2009, dedicated
to art and artists.

Former chairman of the foundation Dr. Niek Frans: "Many artists make stunning paintings but
suffer the misfortune that their work does not fit in museum collections. This is a loss for the
people as masterpieces never can be seen or gaining the praise they deserve.
Our Foundation will exhibit these works by means of rotation, so a broad audience may enjoy
the works of those artists, who have portrayed their environment, emotions and view on
the world with such creative vigour".

Ellis Frans
Ellis Frans-Kapma

Niek Frans
              Niek Frans
Ellis Frans-Kapma, Secretary/Treasurer

The versatile Ellis is not only journalist but also a PR consultant and copywriter. After having begun her career at the news paper 'Nieuwsblad van het Noorden' Ellis started her own PR company. This company goes bij the name of MMS (Multi Media Services). Ellis has interviewed a great deal of people as journalist but also has extensive experience organising a plethora of fashion and business events. On the subject of fashion. Ellis was editor in chief of the most influential shoe trade magazine in the Netherlands 'Schoenvisie' for over 20 years.

Drawing (2005) by Dori Rijke
Niek Frans, former chairman and cofounder

Dr. Niek Frans is a psychologist who has studied clinical, social and business psychology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After practice studies in a therapeutic community for adult delinquents in the Netherlands, in a therapeutic children's village in Sweden and therapeutic family homes in Canada, he obtained his PhD at the University of Groningen.

After working for several institutions, Niek started his own psychological consultancy bureau more than 25 years ago. This bureau was specialized in the business end of psychology such as executive search and also management and organizational consulting, www.franspartners.com. Niek is author of the book 'Manieren van kijken / Ways of looking'.

Drawing (2004) by Dori Rijke

The painting on the homepage is made by Flip Gaasendam.
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