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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
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'In the verandah', 1980
Acryl on canvas, 140 x 180 cm
Signed lower right: 'bebelle mars 80'
Isabelle de Borchgrave(1946)

This large oil painting evokes a dream world as Arthur van Schendel (1874-1946) describes: 'A light blue hotel with four date palms in front of the veranda'. The naively painted, intimate, green world with ornamental plants and nostalgic rattan furniture gives a pleasant relaxation. We can lose ourselves in it with nice thoughts and enjoyable feelings.

The creator of this work is the Brussels born Isabelle Jacobs, who marries in 1975 with Count Werner de Borchgrave d'Altena. In the society (not in official documents) she is called Countess Isabelle de Borchgrave d'Altena; artistically she uses the name 'Isabelle de Borchgrave' and signs with 'Bebelle'.

As a child she already has a passion for drawing. From the age of 14 she studies at the Center des Arts Decoratifs and later at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. After her studies she works at an advertising agency, paints and watercolours, designs clothing, scarves, jewelry and accessories and starts her own studio. She makes designs for fabrics, wallpaper and crockery for Gaspari, Gien, Target, Villeroy & Boch and other big names and travels a lot to get to know different cultures.

In 1994 Isabelle gets the idea to make costumes of paper when she visits the Metropolitan Museum in New York. She is going to paint rolls of paper and makes four clothing collections: about the history of fashion, Venetian fashion in the 19th century, the ceremonial clothing in the Renaissance and about the costumes of Russian ballet.

Her breakthrough comes in 1998 with exhibitions in France, Luxembourg, the United States, Canada and Japan. In 2004 she makes a painted paper dress for Queen Fabiola of Belgium on the occasion of a Spanish wedding party. In 2008 she exhibits 80 garments at the Fortuny Museum in Venice and in the same year a richly illustrated monograph is published about her. In 2014 she has an exhibition at the Breda's Museum, which attracts a record number of visitors and establishes her name in the Netherlands.

She gets impressive commissions, including from the Kennedy Memorial in Boston, the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco and the Potsdam Palace. The critics are full of praise and things are going well. On the spot of an old Skoda garage, just a stone's throw from the Elsene ponds in Brussels, rises her hypermodern, multifunctional studio with a gallery, rooms for workshops and events, ateliers for some fifteen paper cutters and painters and workspaces for the artist herself.

On 10 July 2013, she is appointed by Royal Decree as Commander in the Order of the Crown, because of her worldwide reputation as an artist.

Also view: www.isabelledeborchgrave.com