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'Bonfire in front of the city hall of Baarn', 1947
Oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm
Signed: lower right 'j.de ruig'
Jaap de Ruig (1909-1992)

No, this is not an Easter fire, but a particular historical event! When we see this painting at the art dealer Arnold in Gasselternijveen (in the province of Drenthe) it makes us initially think of the Easter fires, which belong to the old but still lively traditions of the Achterhoek area. Once a year, also nearby, the fire of piled prunings, supplied from the surroundings, blazes high. Secretly neighboring villages compete with each other for the honor of whom manage to collect the biggest pile and thus has the most impressive fire. Every year it is fascinating to see the many beholders and their shifting shadows. Artist Jaap de Ruig has that very well displayed.

The back of the work gives very interesting information. Here is the surprising title written down: "The bonfire to celebrate the birth of Princess Marijke on February 18, 1947. Also the address of the artist is stated: Workshop for Visual Arts, Sumatrastraat 5, Baarn. A sticker shows that the painting comes from the National Collection of scattered artifacts in The Hague, collection Baarn '63 - '64, list KWH. In front of the town hall of Baarn, where the princess is indicated, a few days later, Jaap de Ruig has outlined this historic festivity in the winter cold and secured the special atmosphere - adults and children in thick coats around the fire - to preserve for posterity .

In the catalog of the honorary exhibition to mark the 80th anniversary of Jaap de Ruig we read about his intense love for nature and his great motivation for a versatile artistry. He paints intuitive, impressionistic, but also realistic. 'Things that everyone can understand', but with his own coloring. Throughout his life, the artist lives in Baarn and a lot of inhabitants of that small town get painting lessons from him.

During the 'Keizersgracht Concert' in Amsterdam in 2009, we meet his daughter Marja den Broeder-de Ruig, and we share our thoughts on the 'bonfire', which therefore gets more meaning for us. Coincidence does not exist. . .