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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

Discover the artists represented in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION.

109. Helen Martina
110. Chris Soer
111. Ada Stel
112. F.A. Mooy
113. Nico van Rijn
114. Jack Jefferys
115. Laetitia de Haas
116. Willem van den Berg
117. Aris Knikker
118. Herman Bieling
119. János Bittenbinder
120. Cornelis Vreedenburgh

'Cranes in de harbour of Antwerp', ca. 1930,
Gouache on board, 50 x 44 cm,
Signed: lower right 'j.jefferys'
Jack Jefferys (1896-1961)

Choosing the same profession, when your father is a respected artist, is difficult. Your talent and art work are always compared with his. Marcel Jefferys (1872-1924), born of an English father and a Belgian mother, gained as a painter more fame than his son Jack. This is partly because senior was more focused on painting (although he also designed furniture, wallpaper, fabrics, tapestry and interiors), while Jack over time was especially dedicated to making ceramic objects.

In the artists encyclopedia Piron is Jack - born in Brussels – therefore called a painter, watercolourist and a ceramist. His education as a painter he gets from dad, but when he adopts the Belgian nationality in 1915 he must - because of the First World War - under arms. Only after the peace in 1918, he can work as a professional artist. In addition to painting he learns himself, in order to take distance from his father's art works, the pottery techniques and about 1944 he focuses entirely on creating ceramics. Associated with this he makes several study trips to France, Spain and Italy.

He is best known for his creations of animals from the Fables of Fontaine, often with a dose of humor: thus he brings the poultry from the henhouse in contact with the most terrible monsters. To make a living he also makes useful objects such as beakers and flasks.

In the Netherlands he exhibits in 1957 with two other ceramists in the Municipal Museum in Arnhem and in the Cultural Center De Beyerd in Breda. On these occasions a publication appears in 1957 followed by others, particularly about his ceramic works.

Yet he has made many paintings, some of which have been sold in recent years at auctions. Neither the still lifes, neither the interiors, landscapes or cityscapes he has provided with a date, but most likely they are all made before 1940. Jack Jefferys liked to paint in the port of Antwerp. Thus displays this gouache, painted in smooth strokes and vivid colours, the almost timeless atmosphere even then with 24/7 activity in the vast port areas.