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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

Discover the artists represented in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION.

73. Joseph Mous
74. Jacques Mels
75. P.N. van de Wall Perné
76. Liesbeth Rahder
77. Willy Sluiter
78. Fred Sieger
79. Ciano Siewert
80. Harrie Lenferink
81. Frederik van Oostveen
82. Willy Fleur
83. Anton Heyboer
84. Bart de Graaf

'Small street in Amsterdam'
Oil on canvas, 64 42 cm,
Signed: lower left 'j.mels'
Jacques Mels (1899-1979)

It's remarkable how popular a 'Jacques Mels' is! In particular the many in oil, watercolour and ink reproduced landscapes and city views are sold for attractive prices on the art market and in auctions. Has the artist painted so many and have his heirs, after his death, 'dumped' all the unsold works from his studio on the market? Who he was and by what he was driven is not so easy to detect. Fortunately Ir. Hans Aalberts has done thoroughly research.

Jacobus Wilhelmus Aloyisius Adrianus Maria (nickname Jacques) Mels is born in Tilburg and is trained there as a house painter. At 20 he enters the novitiate (RC) and at his 29th he goes to Curaςao, where he as Friar M. Caecilianus Mels gives art lessons at a technical school. At almost 40 and back in the Netherlands he is secularized. Henceforth he will devote himself to his other vocation, namely art painting. Successively Mels lives in Maastricht, The Hague and Epe. In 1959 he and his wife Wilhelmina, whom he marries in 1951, leave for Brazil. After a year, however, Wilhelmina leaves him and the marriage is dissolved. Until 1967 Jacques remains in South America, inter alia in Venezuela and Costa Rica, and then returns to his homeland. He dies, 75 years old, in The Hague. All in all not an everyday life!

Jacques Mels is best known for his somewhat darkly and mysteriously, dashing painted South Limburg summer and winter landscapes under fascinated cloudy skies. His French village scenes, although with a slightly lighter palette, have something gloomy too, as if life is not so easy for the gentle, friendly artist. Also his Amsterdam city scenes with intimate, small streets, in its own, somewhat expressionistic style, are mostly intriguing 'backlit shots', while his flower and fruit still lifes strongly reminiscent of that of the Bergen School.

The talented Jacques Mels is briefly taught by Harmen Meurs and Antoon van Welie and has been a member of the Apeldoorn Artists Association ‘De Kern’. He is above all a modest 'loner'. His work has been included in the National Collection and in many private collections in the Netherlands and abroad.