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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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Without title,
Oil on canvas, 50 x 50 cm,
Signed: lower left 'reudink'
Jan Reudink (1939)

Jan Reudink is born and raised in the Achterhoek, but today he devides his time between his house, high in the Austrian mountains, and a recreation house near Ruurlo. Quite a period of his life he is active in the family business, a flourishing mill and trade in animal feed, but his heart lies elsewhere. . .

As a fanatic and successful skater - several times he skates the Elfstedentocht - he becomes the leader of the USSR marathon skating team in the early nineties and travels with this team through Europe, Asia and America. Everywhere, up to Siberia, he sketches in order to work out his impressions later on.

In 1996, he gets a serious car accident 'in the pursuit of family business revenues' and, after his recovery, he only wants to travel and paint, something he has dreamed of his whole life. As a young miller's son he is always drawing and sketching, looking for the company of artists, taking lessons and having 'immensely fascinating conversations with them'. From now on he always appears with a big hat. Reudink exhibits annually in his studio during the art trail Lochem, at that time in Barchem and he also exhibits elsewhere. He paints every day, as an obsessive, as if he must make up for lost time. Inspired by his trips to the Baltic states, France, Scotland, Romania, Canada, Scandinavia and Italy he paints countless landscapes, often abstracted.

Also in Austria he has exhibitions and gives painting lessons. According to his own words, he puts his soul and salvation into his paintings and, in the meanwhile, he craves for recognition. In some self-published art books and story bundles – which he calls 'travel impressions' - he says that all his paintings are self-portraits: he does not paint what he sees, but what he feels. "In my work I show my emotions in shape and colour."

In this artwork, in which he has mixed sand with paint, which he applied roughly on the canvas, you can see intense emotions, turbulent agitation. The silhouette of a face in ochre and black seems to be chased by a threatening fire, or is it blood?

Also view: www.janreudink.nl