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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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111. Ada Stel
112. F.A. Mooy
113. Nico van Rijn
114. Jack Jefferys
115. Laetitia de Haas
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119. János Bittenbinder
120. Cornelis Vreedenburgh

'Lights on the water IV', 1991,
Pastel, 65,5 x 47 cm,
Signed: below middle 'janos' + 'fenyek a vizen IV, 1991'
János Bittenbinder (1946)

Countless artists have been fascinated by the light and try to catch the light in their work. So does János Bittenbinder, who says on his website: "Light has so many manifestations, shapes and secrets. I probably never will all fully understand, but I feel that I make progress and that fills me with great joy."

Authentic countries, colourful people, untouched cultures and unspoiled landscapes attract him. He has visited Tibet for example and his explorations of Tibetan culture remain an inexhaustible source of inspiration. According to Wim van der Beek in Kunstbeeld 10/96 the spirituality of Tibetan culture connects to his penchant for imagining the inner space. Another reviewer writes about Bittenbinder: "Painting is for him a long fermentation process of personal experiences and travel impressions, which eventually are transformed into drawings, pastels and paintings."

However the artist considers painting not as a job, not as a profession. "I enjoy the craft side of it. And the craftsmanship that is needed. But it is also much, much more. I've never done anything else, for me it is as natural as breathing", says Bittenbinder on his website.

János Bittenbinder is born in 1946 in the town of Nagyvárad in Transylvania, which was originally Hungarian and was annexed by Romania in 1945. After graduating as an interior designer he is, according to the artists encyclopedia Jacobs, graduated at the A.B.K. Klausenburg as an autonomous painter. Since 1978 he resides in the Netherlands, inter alia in Nijmegen and Utrecht, and since 1991 permanently in Nijmegen.

In 1992 we purchase this pastel at Delta Art Gallery in Nijmegen. On the painting the artist has, in white chalk in the midst below, written the title in Hungarian ('Fenyek a Vizen'). Till this day he feels connected to the language and culture of his motherland.

When we look at the painting we quite agree with the words of Wim van der Beek in the aforementioned Kunstbeeld: "Bittenbinder creates both literally and figuratively connections in his work and permits the illusion of spaciousness in sculptures and paintings in which junctions of activity, shape and colour alternate with relaxing moments of peace and harmony."

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