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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
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'Bogota historica II', 2001
Pastel, 52 x 35 cm,
Signed: lower right 'jef van grieken '01'
+ 'bogota historica II'
Jef van Grieken (1950)

His numerous paintings of houses, abandoned factory buildings and other heritage sites are pervaded with a fascinating, melancholic atmosphere. Almost palpable is the melancholy of the artist about the inevitable deterioration, which he emphasizes by mysterious mists, dark skies and profuse puddles in fields and streets as dejected memories of earlier rain. People do not suit in this work; they decamped in time before the final ravages of time strikes. So Jef van Grieken knows like no other how to capture the oppressive silence, the only thing that remains.

The Belgian artist, born in 1950 in Herenthout and educated at the art academies of Antwerp and Mechelen, visited them all over the world, places like this, once vibrant but now faded glory. Yet it is not only sadness, that his work evokes, because there's also an air of mystery: what about those properties, is there really no one who cares and where's everyone, the residents or employees, gone? Who looks carefully also discovers the beauty of the roads full of potholes and cracked asphalt, the peeling paint of door and window frames, the rotting balcony railings and the shattered windows. Some works show also hope: the quiet village in the early morning will certainly soon come to life. Van Grieken lays down everything in such a poignant way, that you take over his way of looking imperceptibly and together with him you feel a kind of loneliness. Yes, his impressive oeuvre, that excels in ambience and sophistication, affect you intensely.

Jef van Grieken, painter, pastellist, draftsman and etcher, was a teacher at the academies in Leuven and later in Mechelen. Since 1975 he participates in numerous museum exhibitions at home and abroad. He has won numerous awards and museums and individuals around the world possess his artworks. Study trips Van Grieken made to inter alia America, Taiwan and Colombia, Morocco, Norway, Portugal and Cuba. We are fabulously pleased with this beautiful pastel!

Also view: www.jefvangrieken.be