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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'Joke K in green sweater',
Oil on panel, 44 x 37,5 cm
Signed: upper right 'j.santen'
Josef Santen (1926-1988)

This mysterious woman who poses somewhat uncomfortable, intrigues us from the first moment. She seems to sit on the edge of a chair, ready to jump up at any moment. The painter has written her name on the reverse, Joke K, with the addition Josef Santen fecit (made it), but who is or was this dark blonde woman in a short skirt and green sweater? Only when the work hangs a while on the wall at our home we discover via the internet that it must be the Haarlem painter Joke Kokkelkoren, who was a student of Joseph Carolus Emile ('Josef') Santen. On her website Joke Kokkelkoren (1950) has written: 'I got lessons in his studio. It was mainly working on still lives, and then in the sphere of Boot and Verwey (...)'.

Boot is the legendary artist Henri Frédéric Boot (1877-1963), teacher of Santen. According to Hans Rededer (NRC 1977) lived and worked Boot in an 'unbelievable dirty' house at the Klein Heiligland in Haarlem 'with an incandescent bulb that spread no light because of the dust, and at a window which let no daylight through because of dirt and cobweb'. However, the same Boot led several artists' associations and was an erudite speaker. Among his pupils are, in addition to Santen, Kees Verwey and Anton Heyboer. They all were members of the Painting Association 'Art is our goal' (KZOD).

Back to Josef Santen. According to the artists encyclopedia Pieter Scheen, he paints in an expressionistic-naturalistic style, he once won the third prize of the Willink van Collen Fund and there's work of him in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem.

Santen was a very productive painter, who started new paintings almost daily, but much work remained unfinished. The newspaper 'Haarlems Dagblad' wrote in an obituary: 'Santen master of the unfinished'. Fortunately 'our' Joke is completed.

Besides painter, he was a collector and maecenas of his bosom friend Anton Heyboer. For the exhibition 'Missing Years' from February 19 until May 6, 2012 at castle Nijenhuis (part of the Museum 'De Fundatie')*, 150 works of Heyboer from the Santen inheritance were selected. A fascinating man, Joseph Santen, about whom we surely will hear more of interest.

* The exhibition is unfortunately canceled a few days before the opening