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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'Nostalgic still life', 1989,
Oil on panel, 30 x 42 cm,
Signed: below middle 'j.landa 1989'
Juliën Landa (1947)

After education at the school for photographers Juliën Landa works from his 25th till his 33th year as an advertising photographer. Then he leaves with his wife Cecile to southern France to start a new life, since his profession does not give him enough creative satisfaction any more. After a year Juliën and Cecile return to the Netherlands, disillusioned and financially broke. One thing has become clear: Juliën wants to start an artist's career. He looks around in a lot of museums and galleries, starts experimenting and shows to be a natural talent: from the beginning his paintings sell well.

When he sees a poster announcing an exhibition of the artist Henk Helmantel in The Hague, lightning strikes him. "I had never heard of that man, but the depicted painting appealed to me tremendously. It represented everything that had attracted me in painting. It was superb. Helmantel did not only reproduce reality in an excellent way, but also added something (...). " Landa visits the exhibition, is very enthusiastic and makes contact with the artist, who lives at the Groningen countryside. For two years they meet each other intensively, whereby Landa benefits from countless tips of Henk Helmantel, but also develops its own handwriting. So Landa becomes a successful painter of still lifes.

His commercial background uses the artist by making posters, stickers and giclees of his paintings, which he sells. He also cooperates with a fine arts agenda, which show works by him. But there's more.

Under the heading of 'art for the wrist' he tells on his website www.landastraps.com that he also makes leather watch straps. "I am used to paint in the morning hours, which leaves me the afternoon for working on the straps. As it is not my core business I only make those straps that I like and they are 100% handcrafted with the utmost care and pride', as he praises his unique craft.

On this oil painting he has depicted ancient (medicine and pharmacist's) bottles and cans (among others apple syrup of the Betuwe) and an ointment syringe, so the nostalgia splashed from it.

Also view: www.julienlanda.nl