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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
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'Landscape on Gelders Island', 1986
Watercolour on paper, 50 x 55 cm,
Signed: lower right 'karin' 86'
Karin Elfrink (1951)

Catharina Wilhelmina Cecilia (Karin) Elfrink is born in Nuenen as daughter of the artist Theo Elfrink (see No. 72 on this website). She is called autodidact, but of course she learned a lot from her wellknown father. Her brother Bart Elfrink also chooses for the art. The two generations decide in 2004 to make together an art object with the aim of exploring how their autonomous artistry relates to their family band. Theo, Karin and Bart set themselves the task of making two triplets: the first one separately and then reacting to each other's work on the second triple. Both triplets (each 2 x 4,50 m) form an experimental family portrait and are exhibited in 2006 at the Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen.

The work process is recorded on the video 'Unity of Difference' by Boy van Hattum. The meetings between the three artists and the painting sessions can be seen and show both the individuality and the affiliation of the three.

In the abstracted 'Landscape on Gelders Island' from 1986 (resulting from a provincial assignment for a traveling exhibition) it are the colours, the moods, the structures of the rugged meadows and its cultivation, which the artist keeps busy, as we read in the information about this exhibition, which gets a follow-up in Galerie De Pol in Pannerden, so on the Gelders Island. After 1988, Karin Elfrink again made this kind of work but now upholstered with details of steel structures of bridges and cranes, as those currently largely determine the landscape.

The word 'space' is a key word in her oeuvre. She initially paints interior spaces, later her attention is shifted outwards. "My work is about the perception of space created by people. Urban space, living space, outdoor space. The constant presence of boundaries and openings to a next room or street (...). This provokes curiosity, desire and expectation. (...) The viewer is the one who enters this space, with his desire and expectation", said the artist in 2001.

Karin Elfrink lives and works in Nijmegen. She makes oilpaintings and watercolours, graphics and drawings in a figurative style with abstract features. From 1984 she exhibits several times a year in galleries throughout the Netherlands, but also abroad (Germany, Spain and Russia).

Also view: www.karinelfrink.nl