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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
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'View on Canne (Belgium)'
Oil on panel, 46 x 32 cm,
Signed: lower left 'kees van urk'
Kees van Urk (1895-1976)

When the auctioneer says this painting shows a street in the southern French city of Cannes, he is corrected spontaneously from the audience. This is namely the village of Canne or Kanne in Belgium, near Maastricht. More often is given inaccurate information; for example the painting 'Boy with jug' by Henri van de Velde was once wrongly touted as a self-portrait and the 86-year-old Henri Jean Leeuw - painted by his son-in-law Paul Bodifée – was called a Jewish rabbi by an auction house because of his long white beard. . .

Cornelis Jan (Kees) van Urk is born in Leiden. He visits the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and then gets lessons from the painter and engraver Maurits Willem van der Valk (1857-1935). As a result of an exhibition of the only 22-year-old Van Urk, who paints, draws, etches and lithographs, fellow artist Theo van Doesburg remarks on May 12, 1917, inter alia: "This exhibition gives the impression of the work of someone who wants seriously, has creative power and perseverance. "

In Leiden, Van Urk is co-founder and president of the art society 'De Sphinx'. He paints a lot in Katwijk, immortalizes there the nets mending workers and bathers on his canvases. When he moves to 'het Gooi', he joins various artists' associations. 'De Valk Lexicon' mentions, that 'his whole life is dedicated to his art' and that 'his aim is true insight and perfection'. Therefore he experiments with various styles, gets inspired by celebrities such as William Turner, Vincent van Gogh and Jan Toorop and deepens himself in Eastern philosophies.

Van Urk participates in group exhibitions at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Singer Museum in Laren (NH), but also exhibits in Vienna, Paris and Warsaw. In order not to be bound by a gallery owner, he opens his own gallery, ‘De Ark', in Blaricum.