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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Jeroen Krabbé painted the dramatic life of his grandfather

Krabbé's grandfather on the mother's side was a wealthy, Jewish diamond splitter. Life smiles at him until he looses his fortune due to the stock market crash of 1929. He’s overcome that loss, but much worse disaster approaches: the Second World War. Abraham Reiss was arrested and deported to Sobibor, the German extermination camp, where he, like countless others, was killed.

Krabbé painted his grandfather in black and white. From painting number 4 there are patches of dust, sand or smoke around him and sometimes there is ash mixed into the paint to feel even more drama. We got goose flesh and tears of emotion at the sight of the penultimate painting, after the old gentleman in the last phase before the gas chamber, along with others, has had to undress.

Multi Talent Jeroen Krabbé – painter, actor, film director – has been identified thus far as a maker of sunny landscapes, always pleasant to watch. With this personal ‘monument to inhumanity' he proves himself a truly great artist!

'The undoing of Abraham Reiss' was on view until December 5, 2010 in the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle: www.museumdefundatie.nl