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Frans & Kapma Foundation


There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

Discover the artists represented in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION.

73. Joseph Mous
74. Jacques Mels
75. P.N. van de Wall Perné
76. Liesbeth Rahder
77. Willy Sluiter
78. Fred Sieger
79. Ciano Siewert
80. Harrie Lenferink
81. F.A. van Oostveen
82. Willy Fleur
83. Anton Heyboer
84. Bart de Graaf

'Blue doll', 1991
Acryl on paper on canvas, 40 x 30 cm,
Signed: lower right 'L.R.91'
Liesbeth Rahder (1955)

'Liesbeth Rahder is always searching (...). The aim is the conquest and revelation of the hidden arsenal in which secret desires, feelings, experiences and memories are stored. For her, every painting is an attempt to identify the resources that are stored in her inner world.' Fragments, which are complemented by everyday life, as her drive is roughly described in the beautiful book 'Liesbeth Rahder Paintings' from 1998. How a painting is created? 'Through a mysterious process of painting and repainting, adding and removing, refining and intensifying and carefully considering.'

At goldsmith Frank van Zwicht in Diepenheim she exhibits during the Art Moment event in October 2011. Eight of her works hang in the bright room on the first floor. On some she pasted snatches of pictures from magazines and painted over it to give it more power of expression. Her eyes light up when she talks about her travels to Morocco and India. There she gained so much inspiration. Tibet is her next destination. 'Usually I paint about a country before I have been there.' So she can indulge her fantasies. 'After a journey it takes months, sometimes a year, before I can put my impressions on canvas.' She never paints en route. 'I can only work in my studio.'

Liesbeth Rahder, born in Volendam, has studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She also sculpts, but when she got trouble with her shoulder she started making objects out of thousands skewers which she first paints. A kind of hedgehogs, but also abstract objects that the viewer stimulate to fantasize. Currently she lives and works in Amsterdam IJburg, overlooking the Inner IJ. ‘The boats pass right under my window and I can swim in the summer at the door.’ Before this, 600 square meters in the former HBS in Enkhuizen, rooms with high ceilings and large windows, was her home. This early, but overwhelming work we bought in 2005. Her current work looks lighter. There are also more figurative elements, like a clothesline, bananas, a chair. . .

Also view:www.liesbethrahder.nl