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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Mid-May a wonderful book was published: 'Schilders aan de Nieuwe Waterweg' (Painters on the New Waterway), about 150 years Hook of Holland and the artists who have painted the New Waterway – from 1864 dugged between Rotterdam and the North Sea. The book is an initiative of Maarten van der Schaft, art collector, and Martha Vollering, art historian, both born in the nearby Westland. From their earliest years they were fascinated by the passing ships, which became bigger and bigger.

The book has 200 pages and is a blend of history and art. The history of the 'Gate of Europe and the Waterway Cities' is described, but it is also about beach tourism, vanished landscape and marine strandings.
There are about 200 images in recorded by artists such as Johan Barthold Jongkind, Jan H.B. Koekkoek, H. W. Mesdag, C. C. Dommelshuizen, Cees Bolding, Vincent van Gogh, Evert Moll, August W. van Voorden, Kees van Dongen, Marius Richters and many others, including very recent paintings by Gineke Zikken and Jeroen Hermkens. Also works by international artists such as William Turner and Eugène Louis Boudin are depicted in it.

From our Frans & Kapma Collection a pastel and a watercolour are selected for this publication, respectively 'Working in the harbor by night' by Herman Heijenbrock (Gallery No. 18) and 'Embarkation of marines' (Gallery No. 24) by J.H. van Mastenbroek. The book is published by Lakerveld Publishers in Rijswijk (ISBN 978-90-73930-38-4).

Previously the watercolour 'City scene in Amsterdam' by Anna Kerling (Gallery No. 55) is included in the fascinating and richly illustrated thesis 'Penseelprinsessen & broodschilderessen' (Paintbrush princesses and professional paintresses), female artists 1808 - 1913’ by art historian Hanna Klarenbeek. The book has 200 pages and is published by Thoth Publishers Bussum (ISBN 978-90-6868-588-6).