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Frans & Kapma Foundation
The MAS, just a stone’s throw far

In many ways the MAS (costs: 56 million euros) shows a futuristic view on museums. In this ten-storey building three existing museums are stacked and integrated, so the different exhibitions are bursting with variety. Including the use of multimedia technologies a new, interactive experience emerges which combines information and entertainment, thus surprisingly respecting the needs of museum visitors of all ages.

We were there on a Sunday, over one week after its opening, and it was very crowded. It took us 20 minutes before we got a ticket, so long were the queues at the checkout. However, at 15,000 square meters floor area the thousands of visitors spread quickly. Unfortunately access to the temporary exhibition was not possible because of the crowds, but we really enjoyed the various theme exhibitions. Moreover, we will be back, because there is so much more to discover and to experience than you can grasp at once.

A notable part of the building is the vertical, open-access 'boulevard', that links the ten floors by escalators. Each storey offers a spectacular view on the city, the harbour or the Schelde through six meters high, corrugated glass and on the top floor, 62 meters above the earth, the entire panorama of 360 degrees unfolds as the apotheosis.

The MAS has given a tremendous boost to this until recently dilapidated part of Antwerp. The district has now beautifully renovated warehouses, restaurants, residential complexes and a marina. Through innovative exhibits from the Ethnographic Museum, the National Maritime Museum and the Folklore Museum, supplemented by a part of the 'Vleeshuis Collection' and many loans, in the MAS you can both enjoy and learn from a rich past. Take a look, Antwerp is just a stone's throw away.

Also view: www.mas.be