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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
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'Winter in Mons',
Oil on panel, 25 x 33 cm,
Signed: lower right 'maurice paul'
Maurice Paul (1889-1965)

As an artist, you would surely want to be listed in one of the artists encyclopedias, we suppose. Yet you regularly see that some artists are not registered as such. Is that modesty, is it too bourgeois or are there other reasons why an artist does not want to be traced?

These questions are topical for the in Mons - mining town in the eastern part of the Borinage in French-speaking Belgium - born artist Maurice Paul. According to known art dealers, who sell or have sold his art works, he receives his education at the Royal Academy of Science, Literature and Fine Arts in Brussels, nevertheless he is not included in the Piron or Bénézit. We therefore know little of him. Whether he, for example, has experienced the horrific battle of Mons at the beginning of the First World War (in 1914), is unknown.

Initially Maurice Paul depicts in particular the activities and the landscapes around Brussels and Antwerp. Also life at the Belgian coast excites him, as seen on his bright beach and harbor scenes in and around Ostend. Light is an important atmosphere decisive element in his work and therefore his style is called late impressionistic. He knows how to catch sensitively the light of his homeland and of the sunny south in all seasons. His palette for the north is often rather dark, but the colours flame as he depicts Mediterranean landscapes, the southern cityscapes with their gaily painted houses, picturesque village squares and sunny terraces, where people under large canopies drink pernod or wine. A feast for the eyes are also the traditional fishing boats in the southern French ports, the lively boulevards of Menton and Cannes and the seaside-visitors, who he loosely has painted on his canvases.

This oil painting 'Winter in Mons' exudes a serene silence. Roofs, gardens, trees, everything is covered with snow. It threatens even to more snow fall, as the gray sky shows. The winter cold is palpable. In all seasons a wonderful spectacle.