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Frans & Kapma Foundation
In a warm welcome speech President Mr. Willem Knight van Rappard of the Foundation Collection Nagelhout Holten explained the choice to offer hospitality to the Frans & Kapma Collection and recalled that the Frans & Kapma Foundation was established with the goal to continue exhibiting artworks in order to prevent them for disappearing in a depot and therefore pass into forgetfulness.

"We 'll miss our paintings without doubt, because they are a bit our children to which we are attached in a way", said Niek Frans to the invitees. "We have told the artworks that they are going to stay with Uncle Jo Nagelhout in Holten and that they should behave. For example not to swing on the hanging system." Then he explained how we collect and how striking it is that some paintings figuring us and not the other way around… "It seems that we have selected the painting, but the painting knows better."

The exhibition looks different than many are used to. "There comes a flood of impressions on the visitors. We have the sixty works grouped thematically and hung them above, below and next to each other, just like we do at our home", said Ellis Frans. "Collecting art is a chronic flu, an addictive passion, that will not cease. At least I hope not… Also the invisible mystique surrounding each painting plays an important role. The discovery of the stories behind is almost as interesting as the visible work of art itself. Stories about big money concerns of artists, intense disappointments and deep-rooted frustration, but also about ideals, impetuous love, impossible dreams and the search for the ultimate freedom of mind and way of life."

Each painting has its own fascinating story - dramatic, happy or sad because of the lost past - that adds an extra dimension to the picture. Ellis finally: "Maybe not all of them are made by great masters, but in our opinion all the works may be seen, or actually MUST be seen. Niek and I hope that we can transfer a spark of our fascination for art and their creators through this exhibition."

On the photos (by Hans Wissink) an impression of the festive opening.