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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Acquiring, managing, conserving, archiving and exhibiting art and art collections, in order to preserve this important heritage for next generations. The Frans & Kapma Foundation tries to reach her goal by organizing exhibitions, cultural (art) meetings and –events. Therefore a collection paintings is on permanent display in Huis Dorth, which can be visited for groups by appointment.

Activities since its founding:
  • The start of the foundation on July 21, 2009 was accompanied by a 'literary concert with art exhibition' led by Dr. Jan Terlouw and the Orion Ensemble.
  • In the following years a five-member working group has studied to which terms and conditions a museum in a vacant heritage building should comply.
  • From May / September 2013, the Frans & Kapma Foundation organized in collaboration with the Foundation Nagelhout Collection the exhibition 'Human Beings' in the Nagelhout Hall in Holten. This exhibition with free admission was visited by more than 2,500 people and received many positive reactions and publicity from RTV Oost and TV Gelderland.
  • The province of Gelderland has the Frans & Kapma Foundation for the period 2013-2016 assigned as a partner in the field of activities of art and culture.
  • Via newsletters and the website the activities are communicated to a wide group of interested parties. The foundation frequently gets requests for information from home and abroad about art and artists.
  • Thereby the Frans & Kapma Foundation came into contact with heirs of deceased artists with the specific question to manage and exhibit the remaining art collections. To achieve that the cultural ANBI status is requested and for this reason the composition of the board has changed early 2015.
  • More details: see 'Activities'.
Composition of the board since January 1, 2015:
Mr. drs. E.J.A.F. of Buul (chairman)
Mrs. E. A. Frans - Kapma (secretary / treasurer)
Mrs. A. Roekevisch - Klein Braskamp (member)
The board members receive no remuneration. The Frans & Kapma Foundation works exclusively with enthusiastic but unpaid volunteers.

Policy 2017:
The inventory of the Ap Dekkers’ watercolours collection - donated by the testators – is finalized. The artworks are partly framed and are carefully managed at the address of the foundation, where the works of art in a rotation system will be exhibited.

Financial aspects:
The foundation is financially self-supporting without government subsidy. She receives her income from donations, gifts and bequests and through the contribution of participants at the tours in Huis Dorth; these are fully utilized to achieve the objectives. Everything explicitly excluding profit.

RSIN / fiscal code:
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 20.08.2573 (23-7-2009)
Bank: Rabobank, account number: NL97 RABO 0308 5728 66

Balans/baten en lasten [pdf]