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New, beautiful art palaces

Intriguing. Promising. Breathtaking. The brand new museums, which glossy magazine Elegance of July 2011 devotes eight pages, are artworks of architecture and for that reason alone worth a trip around the world. Quite spectacular they are: the with hexagonal aluminium tiled Soumaya Museum in Mexico, the organically shaped and built with 1062 triangular glass panels Dali Museum in Florida (USA), the perspective Nanjing Museum of Art & Architecture (China) that opens autumn 2011, and the alien-looking Centro Niemeyer in northern Spain.

Very special is that the costs of these architectural jewels are much lower compared with those of the renovation and expansion of the Rijksmuseum voor Kunst en Historie in Amsterdam (more than 375 million euros) and the renovation and expansion of the Stedelijk Museum, also in the capital of the Netherlands (till now 100 million euros and not finished yet). . .

The costs of the aforementioned culture palaces thus stands in stark contrast as those are respectively 34 million, 29,8 million, 5 million euros and 40 million dollars. Other new museums are more expansive, as the Antwerp MAS (56 million) and the 7500 square-foot Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland (74 million pounds sterling). And the one year old, in May 2010 opened Centre Pompidou in Metz, France, also an architectural artwork with 5000 square meters of exhibition space, has cost 64 million euros.

The amounts for the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk seem disproportionate: how many beautiful new museums could have been built in this country with only a part of that money. Yet we are certainly aware of the fact that it concerns two most famous and internationally important museums.

Art to exhibit is here, in the Netherlands, in abundance, the storage of the museums are overflowing with works that certainly do not deserve eternal, separate confinement like the gold bars of The Dutch Bank. Artists and meacenas had in any case very different intentions: art must be exhibited!

Great, that new art palaces and other museums are realized. That requires creativity, perseverance and money, but the goal is inspiring and gives people energy and pride!

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