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Frans & Kapma Foundation
The permanent works are actually experiential works of art that you have to undergo. Such as 'Through the Wall' by the Chinese artist Song Dong (my favorite). The 4.5 by 9 meter installation is on the outside built up from colourful doors and frames from the so-called hutong in Beijing (I have special memories of this old neighborhood). If you walk inside, you end up in a fairytale with up, down and on the sides mirrors, which are mounted in window frames and dozens of hanging lamps in bright colours. At that moment the world around you no longer exists.

A highlight too is 'Open Ended', a huge labyrinth of patinated steel, a work by the American Richard Serra. The colossus is 4 meters high, 18 meters long and 7 meters wide and weighs 216 tons! An experience when you walk through it and amazing seen from above.

Another example - and I could easily mention more - is the 'Swimming Pool' by Argentinian Leandro Erlich, who designed this artwork especially for this museum. From above it is just an ordinary pool, but ... you can also walk under the water without getting wet. If you look up you see people through the water, who are standing at the edge of the pool and looking down at you.

There are also temporary exhibitions. Until 17 June 2018, the Voorlinden museum presents 'Stage of Being'. In seven halls are 45 works, ranging from oil paintings to photographs, objects and installations. They inspire people to think about who we are, about our relationship with others and how we (want to) be reminded when we are no longer here. The absolute highlight is 'Mass' by the British artist Antony Gormley. The work, which consists of hundreds of thin stainless steel rods, is about the human dimension in relation to the world. From close up it looks like a spider web, a few steps backwards you clearly recognize a human figure.

Fascinating is also the lifelike, naked woman in room four, entitled 'Dawn'. It is a work by the American John DeAndrea. Everything about her is hyper-realistic, from the toenails to the skin colour on different parts of the body. Only by the hair I could see that she was not real. My observation feels uncomfortable, as if I am a voyeur, but yet I have to look at her.

The museum, dedicated to modern and contemporary art, was founded by Joop van Caldenborgh, owner of chemical company Caldic. An absolute must. It is only a pity that the Museumjaarkaart is not valid.

Richard Serra Song Dong Antony Gormley