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Frans & Kapma Foundation
Frans & Kapma Foundation geliquideerd,
augustus 2021
aantal schilderijen Frans & Kapma Collectie te koop.

Ruim vijf jaar na het overlijden van medeoprichter Dr. Niek Frans heeft het bestuur van de Frans & Kapma Foundation besloten de stichting op te heffen. Spijtig, maar de afgelopen jaren zijn zeker mooie activiteiten georganiseerd, waar met een goed gevoel op wordt teruggekeken.

De nalatenschap van kunstschilder Ap Dekkers - enkele honderden aquarellen en tientallen biografieën - zijn geschonken aan de Stichting Oude Gelderse Kerken, die in de toekomst exposities zal gaan organiseren, waarbij de kerncollectie bijeen blijft.

Verder zijn uit de Frans & Kapma Collectie drie schilderijen aangekocht, die vervolgens geschonken zijn aan de Stichting Collectie Nagelhout Holten. Het betreft twee werken van Bob ten Hoope en een werk van Jack Godderis. In de Nagelhoutzaal in het Kulturhus aldaar heeft de foundation in samenwerking met de Holtense stichting enkele keren een tentoonstelling georganiseerd. Deze drie schilderijen, die een directe link hebben met de verzameling van huisarts Jo Nagelhout, zijn daar ook geëxposeerd.

Een groot aantal van de werken uit de Frans & Kapma Collectie is nu te koop.
Op deze website staat een deel. Meer informatie: ellis@frans-kapma-foundation.com

Sounds & Art 2018 again heart-catching
December 2018

A church full of enthusiastic visitors, a great atmosphere, musicians who played and sang with passion and dedication, inspiring short films, a 'reflection' full of humor and wise words and last but not least enchanting paintings (as visitors called them): the 6th Sounds & Art event makes the organizers happy, so that a new theme is already being considered.
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'Connection' central theme Sounds & Art on November 10 in Haarlo
September 2018

Music, singing, films, recitation and paintings. The sixth Sounds & Art event in PKN-church 'De Kluntjespot' in Haarlo approaches the theme 'connection' from all sides, so that the evening promises to be a true experience!
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Vote for the Frans & Kapma Foundation
April 2018

On Saturday evening November 10th will be held for the 6th time 'KLANKEN & KUNST' in the PKN-church the Kluntjespot in Haarlo. Partly thanks to the 'Heart for the Achterhoek' campaign of the Rabobank, the admission price can kept low.
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Museum Voorlinden surprises, inspires, astonished
March 2018

Tucked away in nature, rubbed against the edge of the woods with the dune area immediately behind it, you will find Museum Voorlinden on the outskirts of Wassenaar. The modern building with sophisticated daylight from above in most halls, is surrounded by the - especially in the summer - beautiful garden, designed by Piet Oudolf. Finally I saw a chance for a visit and I certainly do not regret it.
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Anna Kerling's watercolour in North Veluwe Museum
October 2017

'Women in Art' in the North Veluws Museum in Nunspeet is a beautiful exhibition of paintings made by artists, who worked and/or lived for a shorter or longer period between the 1880 and 1950 in the northern part of the Veluwe. It concerns more than fifty women, including Anna Kerling, Sientje Mesdag-van Houten, Suze Robertson and Jo Koster. The Frans & Kapma Collection gave the watercolour of Anna Kerling (gallery no. 55) in loan.
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5th Sounds and Art in the Kluntjespot on November 4
September 2017

Really true: the trees will grow up to heaven on Saturday evening November 4 during the live concert in PKN-church the Kluntjespot in Haarlo! Traditionally there is, of course, also a special painting exhibition, this time with TREES as the theme. It is meanwhile the 5th time that Ida Roekevisch, artist and nature lover, and the Frans & Kapma Foundation organize such an evening.
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Fascinating exhibition in the Drents Museum
August 2017

Waauw! Overwhelming! That emotion struck me immediately after opening the entrance door to the museum hall with 'The Great Liao' exhibition at the Drents Museum in Assen. Due to the fascinating presentation you right away feel yourself surrounded by the immeasurable wideness of Mongolia. Enormous pictures of steppes with cattle, pagodas and yurts cover the walls. Mirrors reinforce the spatial effect, as well as the carpeting on which the green-brown-yellow landscape has been printed.
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World concert on August 26 in the Kluntjespot in Haarlo
July 2017

Haarlo is the center of the world on Saturday the 26th of August. The summer edition of SOUNDS & ART goes on, thanks to the grants awarded by the 'Stichting Fonds 1819' and Rabobank (via the 'Hart voor de Achterhoek' action)! You are welcome on this special, cultural evening.
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Heart for the Frans & Kapma Foundation: give your vote
March 2017

'Heart for the Achterhoek'. That is the name of the action which Rabobank North- and East-Achterhoek provides to subsidy associations and foundations in the region. To organize SOUNDS & ART in the PKN church in Haarlo cost neutral 2x annual, the Frans & Kapma Foundation needs your support in the form of your vote. Your vote ensures that the live concert, flanked by an inspiring art exhibition, is accessible for a wide audience because the access remains just 7.50 euro per person, including a drink during the break and afterwards.
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Enthusiastic audience because of atmosphere and virtuoso music
November 2016

A great atmosphere, matchless music of enthusiastic young people, inspiring art of two totally different artists, we enjoyed and surely come next time again. Those are just some of the reactions of visitors to SOUNDS AND ART IN THE KLUNTJESPOT IN Haarlo on November 5th 2016. Figuratively speaking, they stood on the banks. . .!
Outdoor dozens of lights flickered around the entrance to the PKN church and to the tomb of the in 2002 deceased and in Haarlo buried artist damsel Agnes van den Brandeler, of whom this evening eight works have been exhibited.
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Piazzolla concert and duo-exhibition on November 5th
October 2016

The intimate, historic PKN church in Haarlo will be the center of art and a live concert again on Saturday evening November 5 - after the overwhelming success of last year. Compelling tangos by Astor Piazzolla and other Spanish and South American music shall be played with passion by the duo 'De Thuiskomst', that consists of Quirine van Hoek, violin and Ellen Zijm, accordion. Previously both artists performed inter alia at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and music building Vredenburg in Utrecht. Now they accompany with their virtuoso playing the paintings of the artist Ida Roekevisch (see gallery no. 7) and damsel Agnes van den Brandeler (see gallery no. 107), who is buried in 2002 fifty meters beyond. Special memories about her life and work shall be brought back on this evening.
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Co-founder Dr. K. Frans suddenly deceased
February 2016

On Wednesday 3 February, Dr. K. Frans (Niek), co-founder and inspirer of the Frans & Kapma Foundation passed away due to a sudden cardiac arrest. A huge shock.

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'Sounds meet art' in Haarlo
November 2015

A concert and a dual exhibition: Saturday evening November 14 the PKN church in Haarlo, the green village between Borculo and Eibergen, was dedicated to music and art. It was the first event after the transfer to the Foundation for Ancient Churches of Gelderland, whereby the church also got a cultural destination and so retains its central position in the village community. With 150 visitors, including Mayor Joost van Oostrum of the Berkelland municipality, it was a full house.
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Donation legacy Ap Dekkers
October 2015

The extensive collection of watercolours from the legacy of Ap Dekkers (deceased in 2007) is officially handed over to the Frans & Kapma Foundation, together with the monographs, in which 100 of his works are shown. At the art academy in Arnhem he lays the basis for his highly-praised technique, with which he flowers, landscapes, his garden, portraits, studio views and still lives in weak or very strong colors has captured. His work has been exhibited in the Henriette Polak Museum in Zutphen, the Municipal Museum in Arnhem and the Princessehof in Leeuwarden, as well as in numerous galleries.
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Cultural ANBI status granted
September 2015

At the notary this month passed a small amendment, after which the Tax Administration granted the Frans & Kapma Foundation with the ANBI and cultural ANBI status from September 8th 2015. The foundation - pleased with this recognition - can now even better and on a larger scale achieve its objectives, because it means that painting collections, which often in basements or attics waste away, can be tax-free donated to the foundation. The Frans & Kapma Foundation's mission is to manage and exhibit these artworks in prestigious heritage buildings, so they remain also in the future visible for a wide audience.

Change of board members
January 2015

Early this year there has been a change in the board of the Frans & Kapma Foundation.
Dr. Niek Frans, co-founder and chairman, has withdrawn from the board, and in his place Erik van Buul, chartered accountant in Hilversum, has accepted the chairmanship of the foundation. As third member Mrs Ida Roekevisch - Klein Braskamp, artist in Haarlo, has joined the board. By the way, board members are not paid for their work. This change was needed to make it easier to achieve the objectives of the Frans & Kapma Foundation. Also view 'activities'.

Hynckes and Bastien in Deurne
September 2014

In Museum De Wieger in Deurne started on 7 September an exhibition with early works of Raoul Hynckes and contemporaries. This Belgian artist fled a hundred years ago to the neutral Netherlands, away from the horrors of the First World War. In contrast his compatriot and contemporary Alfred Bastien went as a volunteer in the service of the Belgian Army, where he immortalized the horrors of war together with other so-called front painters for posterity. Our painting 'Cold winter morning' by Alfred Bastien is part of the exhibition.
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Loan and publications
May 2014

From all sides we are surprised by the growing interest in our collection of paintings. That fully respects the objectives of the Frans & Kapma Foundation: art should not be hidden, but to be seen. Recently we have welcomed several groups of art lovers and guided them around. Two paintings are included in the new book 'Schilders aan de Nieuwe Waterweg' (Painters on the New Waterway), 150 years Hoek van Holland (Hook of Holland). Another, the watercolour 'Lime kilns' (Gallery No. 129), comes in a monograph about Johan Buning. And Museum De Wieger in Deurne got a loan commitment for the exhibition 'The early Raoul Hynckes', which begins in September.
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In top 100 most important art collectors
February 2014

We are, with our Frans & Kapma Collection, listed in the Top 100 of the most important, living, private, Dutch art collectors. This ranking is for the first time compiled by the Art Week Foundation. The complete Top 100 is on www.kunstweek.nl. This is a good opportunity to tell you a little more about our collection.
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TV Gelderland on visit
November 2013

The well-known tv presenter Harm Edens together with director Hilde-Marije Polling, a camera and a soundman strolled more than two and a half hours through our house in order tot give the viewers of the program 'Gelderse Koppen' an impression of the approximately 300 paintings, which all have found a place on the wall. Harm – himself an enthusiastic art lover and collector – was very interested in our collection so the planning of the TV team ran seriously out of hand.
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'Human Beings' on RTV Oost
August 2013

On Wednesday 21 August Radio TV East has made recordings of the exhibition 'Human Beings' in the Nagelhout Hall of the Kulturhus, Smidsbelt, in Holten. These recordings consist of images of the paintings, which are grouped thematically for the exhibition and an extensive interview by art editor Peter Schoof with Ellis Frans.
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'Human Beings' enthusiastically received
May 2013

'Human Beings – passionately collected' has been enthusiastically received during the opening on
May 16, 2013, by the first hundred visitors. The exhibition in the Nagelhout Hall of the Kulturhus in Holten includes sixty paintings with in a handout (briefly) the story behind and is (free) to see until
September 21, 2013.
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Exhibition Frans & Kapma Collection in Holten
April 2013

For the very first time there is an exhibition of paintings from the Frans & Kapma Collection namely in the museum room of the Kulturhus in Holten (eastern part of the Netherlands). At the invitation of the Foundation Collection Nagelhout Holten we have some sixty paintings selected for this exhibition, titled Human Beings – passionately collected. People in many poignant, nostalgic or recognizable situations, seen through the eyes of artists. Also the stories behind are briefly highlighted.
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March 2013

Lines: a hardliner, in line with, a straight line is the shortest distance between A and B. The exhibition 'A brief history of lines' at the Centre Pompidou in Metz (11 January to 1 April 2013) 'philosophizes' based on the drawing art from 1925 till now about how lines in our daily life play a role. Volatile or durable, realistic of metaphysical, lines are everywhere: in the writing, as traces in the landscape and as an 'echo' of our movements.
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Number 100
July 2012

In the GALLERY on this website the hundredth artwork – of 100 different artists – is posted and we are surely a bit proud! Although our collection contains more than one painting of some artists, we constantly bring another artist and his work to your attention. Read more.....

Paintings parade and more of Roger Raveel in Arnhem
October 2011

Ever seen a parade of paintings? Together with the Belgian artist Roger Raveel and many others, we walked into the living parade of paintings along the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem (MMKA). Inside is his 2 by 4 meters canvas 'Paintings parade' from 1978. It is part of a stunning retrospective that includes 120 drawings and paintings from a period of 70 years.
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New, beautiful art palaces
June 2011

Intriguing. Promising. Breathtaking. The brand new museums, which glossy magazine Elegance of July 2011 devotes eight pages, are artworks of architecture and for that reason alone worth a trip around the world. Quite spectacular they are: the with hexagonal aluminium tiled Soumaya Museum in Mexico, the organically shaped and built with 1062 triangular glass panels Dali Museum in Florida (USA), the perspective Nanjing Museum of Art & Architecture (China) that opens autumn 2011, and the alien-looking Centro Niemeyer in northern Spain.
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The MAS, just a stone’s throw far
May 2011

With great flair and vision a new, contemporary museum opened May 16, 2011, in Antwerp: the impressive Museum aan de Stroom (museum on the river) or simply MAS. It brings an ode to the city, the harbour, the Schelde, Flanders and the world. The architecture is stunning and attracts attention from afar in the city skyline. Anyway, the design comes from the Dutch firm Neutelings Riedijk Architects, winner in a competition with 54 other entries from all over the world.
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Elisabeth Heuff Foundation
April 2011

Also in the future the works of art of Elisabeth Heuff-Kuylaars (1910-1994) should be viewed by a large audience! After all, with passion, struggle and submission she made moving paintings and ceramic objects. End March 2011 we were introduced to (a representative part of) the approximately 200 works that included the Elisabeth Heuff Foundation.
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Broodschilderessen en penseelprinsessen
March 2011
(Female painters who must earn their bread and butter and those who do not have to earn their living)

Under this title art historian drs. Hanna Klarenbeek studies with a lot of passion the Dutch female artists of the 19th century. Could these women pursuit a 'professional career' in art or was it just a hobby and part of a good education?
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Rijksmuseum frees 'The new man' of Nazi label
February 2011

The Rijksmuseum has, 'after moving insight', given back the original title to the painting. Their change of name to 'The new man on the way to the new Nazi world order' is now deleted from all records and information systems. So this monumental work was stripped of the Nazi label!

As a consequence 'The new man' by Henri van de Velde has been removed from the permanent exhibition of the historic department. The painting would have got there a prominent place, after the reopening of the Rijksmuseum in 2013, but that’s off.
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Geert Meijer deceased
January 2011

"Painting is life. By painting I keep death at a distant.” This philosophical phrase, one of many sayings he wrote down in his art books, is on the memory card that is issued at his cremation. The artist Geert Meijer could not paint anymore and therefore he could no longer keep death at arm’s length.
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Essay about the controversial painting 'THE NEW MAN'
December 2010

'The new man' by Henri (Hendrik) van de Velde (1896 – 1969) is a large oil on canvas (230 x 175 cm), about which much has been written and that has brought quite a stir. Critics were mostly laudatory in 1939, when it was first exhibited, but after the purchase in 2007 by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam the painting is in the media invariable called a Nazi icon.
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Jeroen Krabbé painted the dramatic life of his grandfather
November 2010

The most impressive exhibition we recently have seen, was in the Museum Fundatie in Zwolle. On the first floor we were confronted with the dramatic story of Abraham Reiss, represented in 9 monumental paintings made by his grandson Jeroen Krabbé (1944).
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Helen Verhoeven (1974) winner of the Wolvecamp award 2010
September 2010

The prestigious Wolvecamp award 2010 was granted on September 23 to painter Helen Verhoeven. Along with hundreds of other art lovers gathered in the ‘Creatieve Fabriek’ in Hengelo, we were excited about the choice of the jury. Her latest series of works is entirely set up in black and white and all shades of gray in between, which in itself allows for some drama.
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Ida Roekevisch let 48.000 stars shine for charity . .
August 2010

On request of the Rotary Clubs in Haaksbergen and Neede (Netherlands) artist Ida Roekevisch made a special painting for a Christmas Card, which revenues will go to children in a scrape.
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Your portrait painted...
February 2010

'Portraits now' is a wonderful exhibition where 30 artists display a selection of their portrait paintings. It is fascinating to see how each artist has applied his/her own style. It is also quite remarkable how the composition of the painting reflects the depicted person's character. This can be found in the eyes, facial features and posture. Sunday January 31, 2010 we were present at the very busy vernissage at the museum Kasteel Nijenhuis in Heino/Wijhe.
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Flip Gaasendam in the FRANS & KAPMA COLLECTION
January 2010

At the start of 2010 this oil on canvas (100 x 115 cm) of the Groningen painter Flip Gaasendam (1957) was added to the FRANS & KAPMA Collection. This work entitled 'Huis Dorth' was made on order. And finally, after a long and exciting wait, Flip came to hang it up personally. No matter how many times we look at this painting, we are captivated again and again.
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