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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'Mother and child', ca.1973,
Oil on paper, 80 x 70 cm,
Signed: lower right 'nzama'
Nzama (1928-2001)

This enchanting, colourful oil painting is signed with Nzama, a name which is very common in Africa, like Jansen or De Vries here. Because of the ethnic style of the painting you could think that it is created by an original inhabitant of South Africa. However, Nzama is a pseudonym of the Dutch artist Machiel Hopman, who lived from 1954 decades in the rainbow nation and has lost his heart to this country.

In the seventies of the last century he becomes interested in the mystique of the black population. He brings the ancient, mythical stories in his own way to life in his work and signs it with Nzama. A wealthy American from Texas buys enthusiastically all Nzama paintings and invites the artist to exhibit new works in Houston. Hopman goes to America, all his work is sold there and he gets a lot of publicity. This is why his own gallery in Johannesburg (the Hopman Gallery) is running excellent. Nzama is also discovered in the Netherlands: the dutch public is impressed and his works are readily sold.

However, the story goes that Machiel Hopman got problems in the Netherlands with art critics who wanted an interview with the black artist; they were very disappointed when they found out that there was a white artist behind the name Nzama. . .

Until about 1978 Hopman signs with Nzama, then again with his own name. Afterwards he converts his powerful Nzama impressions mostly abstract. In the 90s the artist expresses his fascination and love for South Africa and its indigenous inhabitants in another way, namely through paintings of townships, sunday prayers and Zulu warriors. Typically is, that the black population by Hopman and Nzama always are displayed powerful and proudly. Much of this information we have heard from the artist himself or read it on his website, which now, unfortunately, is off the air.

We are touched by the painting 'Mother and Child' with the two doves as a striking detail. To these birds symbolic significance is granted in many cultures, such as life spirit, breath and soul. Here the doves symbolize the unconditional love of mothers for their children.

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