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'Forestview', 1909,
Watercolour on board, 29 x 22 cm,
Signed: lower right 'paul bodifée 1909'
Paul Bodifée (1866-1938)

Nature plays an important role in Paul Bodifée's work. Preferably he paints on the spot and also this watercolour from 1909 is probably made 'en plain air' in his typical green-gray tones, complemented with tan and a small red accent.

Johannes Petrus Paulus ('Paul') Bodifée is born in Deventer as seventh child in a baillif family. After highschool (HBS) he goes to Amsterdam, where he studies at the National Academy for Drawing Teachers and subsequently at the National Academy of Fine Arts. He then teaches four years at the Drawing School in Ravenstein and after that he returns to his birthplace. There he teaches inter alia some artists, including Marianne Bleeker and Jeanne Bieruma Oosting.

Due to his marriage to Rosa Elisa Leeuw he joints an artistic Nijmegen family, according to the monograph 'Paul Bodifée, city and countryside painter' written by Roel H. Smit-Muller. The Leeuw family maintains intense contacts with artists like George Breitner and Arthur Briët. Paul participates fully in this environment. He makes music with his brothers-in-law and exposes in 1914 with Elisa's oldest brother Henri and his friend Huib Luns at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam. Together they travel to Barbizon in France, at that time an artist-loved resort.

The 2006 monograph proves useful when we encounter a painting with Bodifées father in law, the sculptor and architect Henri Jean Leeuw in 2008 at an auction. This work is shown in the book, but in the auction room it is unknown. The auctioneer knows to 'upgrade' the lot by calling the depicted person with a large white beard a Jewish rabbi and the price ends well beyond expectations. . .

For his landscapes, forest and city views Bodifée goes with his painting box by bicycle or public transport to picturesque places in Deventer, but also in and around Nijmegen, Giethoorn, Vollenhove, Hattem, Gorssel, Bentheim and Renkum, where he is a member of the Pictura Veluvensis artist association. He designs decors for stage performances, paints the inner walls of the Deventer Association and receives in 1923 the honorable request to make a watercolour for the National Homage album on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Queen Wilhelmina's government. His work is included in museums in Deventer, Bergen op Zoom, Haarlem, Laren (NH), Otterlo, Assen, Harderwijk and Nijmegen.