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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'Poppies field in the South of France', ca. 2003
Watercolour on paper, 41 x 52,5 cm,
Signed: lower middle 'peer van veen'
Peer van Veen (1936)

In vain we look for his name in the artist encyclopedias of Scheen and Jacobs and also on the internet is the information about Peer van Veen scarce. Fortunately we meet him at a regional exhibition and we see him again, together with his Hungarian girlfriend, during the opening of our exhibition 'Human Beings' in Holten (May 2013).

The landscape is an important theme in the work of the in Tilburg born Peer van Veen. Sleepy vistas, atmospheric sunflower fields and picturesque villages emerge in bright Mediterranean colours during many wanderings he makes with his (deceased) wife Annie in the French Provence and Languedoc.

But also his home base, Twente and the Achterhoek, is a constant source of inspiration: the wild hedgerows, meandering streams, rain-soaked fields and old sagged farms, of which you sometimes only can see the roof above a slope in the country. Not to mention the river IJssel with its special skies, lush banks and floodplains and fascinating water sparkle. He makes also still lifes, portraits and nudes in oil, watercolour, indian ink and pastel, and often in mixed media.

Not until spring 2004 Peer van Veen decides to completely surrender to an artist’s existence. Before that he works in education. He teaches art craft and drawing at various schools in the Netherlands, but also on Aruba, where his three children are born, and in France and Ireland, where he works as a visiting lecturer. For forty years he lives in Goor, while his atelier is located in the former pigsty at a farm on the outskirts of Borculo, overlooking the fields. Here he regularly gives lectures and workshops and holds an open house during art routes. "Encounters with art lovers are often very inspiring, because an artist always works alone", he says.

This poppies field in Southern France dates back to 2003; we buy it directly from the artist. It is somewhat taut stylized and minimal displayed, and thus has a pleasant simplicity. You experience the quietness of the hot noon in the sunny south. We find sufficient basis in order to fill in further the colourfull image in our imagination.