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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
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'Teapot with hanging spoon on backside', 2014
Ceramics, h. 19 cm, b. 26 cm
Signed (at the bottom,
in the cover and on the spoon): 'p w'
Persheng Warzandegan (1958)

As art collectors our focus is on paintings. Nevertheless, over the years we have purchased a number of glass and bronze objects and ceramics, simply because we fell for the beauty of it. Recently our interest in ceramics and porcelain has increased, especially when it comes to antique dinnerware, bowls or vases, for example of Limoges porcelain in art deco style or pottery of Gien, Sarreguemines and of some Dutch manufacturers. They are pleasing the eye because of the artistry and professionalism with which they were made a long time ago.

With astonishment and admiration we discover this 'teapot' made by Persheng Warzandegan at an exhibition of eight artists at the 'Help u zelven' gallery in Winterswijk. The teapot, actually more of an art object, has a very striking shape with an ingenious opening at the back, in which a spoon hangs. The colours and motifs are regal, almost intoxicating. Special is also that the artist has signed it in three places. Impossible to leave without this artwork. . . We hear that after 15 years Carla Aalberts closes the doors of her gallery; unfortunately the umpteenth gallery, which stops.

Persheng Warzandegan is born in Sanandaj (in Iranian Kurdistan) in 1958. She lives and works in Estahan, Tabriz and Tehran, where she also exhibits. In 1988 she comes to the Netherlands and in 1990 she starts, in order to broaden her knowledge of Western art and to be recognized as a professional artist, several studies at the Art Academy (AKI) in Enschede. In 1995 she passes the exams drawing, painting and photographing and in 1996 she successfully completes the ceramic sculptures education. Since 1997 she is a member of the Dutch Association of Ceramists (NVK). She exhibits in numerous galleries and museums in Europe, USA and Japan, as she reports on the internet.

In 1999 her ceramic objects are selected for the 'Keranova II, a new generation of ceramists', an important event in the field of modern, Dutch, ceramic art. In 2005 she makes 40 bronzes in commission for the Leendert Vriel Foundation in Enschede, which are unveiled by Queen Beatrix. A year later she wins the first prize in the 'Dutch Design Competition', organized by the Museum Palthehuis in Oldenzaal with her very first teapot object, after which it has evolved.

Also view: www.pershengwarzandegan.nl