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Your portrait painted...

'Portraits now' is a wonderful exhibition where 30 artists display a selection of their portrait paintings.
It is fascinating to see how each artist has applied his/her own style. It is also quite remarkable how
the composition of the painting reflects the depicted person's character. This can be found in the eyes,
facial features and posture. Sunday January 31, 2010 we were present at the very busy vernissage at
the museum Kasteel Nijenhuis in Heino/Wijhe.

According to the book 'Portraits and portraitists' the interest in painted portraits is increasing.
Which was also what the exhibition was organized around. "The figurative art has again gained
ground and portrait painting has again flourished, both in its traditional form and new innovative
ways", the book claimed. We believe that this is undoubtedly true according to both art historical
criteria and also social psychological criteria. As said by the book 'In vol ornaat, vier eeuwen
Groningse senaatsgalerij'. In this book the impressive gallery of portraits of the Groningen
university is rendered pictorially - with profiles of some portraitists - and the wider academic
portrait tradition.

Portrait painting has had its highs and lows. An example of a low was the economic crisis in the
thirties with the subsequent war in the forties. This also applies to the sixties and seventies, when
the traditional portrait painting was killed off in the violent democratization of universities.
The custom to have a portrait made of departing professors was dismissed as elitists and done
away with.

Slowly the interest in portraits grew over the course of the nineties. Examples of artists responsible
for this are Isaac Israels, Jan Sluijters, Paul Citroen and Johan Dijkstra. Examples of today's portrait
painters are Sam Drukker, Matthijs Röling, Douwe Elias, Peter Pander. and Marthe Röling.
IT IS PERMITTED AGAIN to paint a portrait of your children and other loved ones. This way the
portrayed person is immortalized - the main function of portraits. The exhibition in museum Kasteel
Nijenhuis will end May 24, 2010. Also because of the atmosphere and ambience it is a must.

'In vol ornaat,
vier eeuwen Groningse
door Jolanda Oosterheert.
Uitgegeven in 2009 door het
Groningen & Barkhuis.
ISBN 978 90 77922 57 6
'Portretten van Portrettisten'
door drs.Harriet Stoop-de Meester
en drs.Cathinka Huizing.
Hierbij is de tentoonstelling
'Portrettisten nu' georganiseerd.
Uitgegeven in 2010 door Waanders.
ISBN 978 90 400 7660 2