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Paintings parade and more of Roger Raveel in Arnhem

Ever seen a parade of paintings? Together with the Belgian artist Roger Raveel and many others, we walked in the living parade of paintings along the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem (MMKA). Inside is his 2 by 4 meters canvas 'Paintings parade' from 1978. It is part of a stunning retrospective that includes 120 drawings and paintings from a period of 70 years.

At the opening on October 8, 2011, the 90 years old genius and father of the 'new vision' as he is called by art historians, was also present. Roger Raveel is definitely one of the most important postwar Belgian artists, who mixed abstract imagery with simple, familiar objects from the rural area of his residence. Most striking feature are the empty white areas – squares, ovals, poles, human figures – which appear throughout his oeuvre.
This allows the spectators to put something of themselves into the paintings. Also with mirrors he pulls the audience into his work, he makes them part of his paintings. "I would like the viewers could talk with my paintings, that they would be even part of my creations," he once said.

Roger Raveel Schilderijenoptocht met Roger Raveel

Curator of the fascinating exhibition is Dr. Ype Koopmans, who borrowed many works from the Roger Raveel Museum in Machelen-on-the-Leie, the village where the artist was born and where he still lives and works.
The exhibition at the MMKA lasts until January 8, 2012.

Roger Raveel Roger Raveel

Schilderij Roger Raveel Dankwoord Roger Raveel