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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
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'Tramonto in Toscana'
Acryl and gold leaf on canvas, 20 x 50 cm
Signed: lower left 'Ronald Boonacker'
Ronald Boonacker (1958)

Artworks can shrine, move, make you happy, inspire. This painting evokes fond memories of a wonderful holiday in Italy with my unfortunately suddenly deceased husband and buddy, co-founder of the Frans & Kapma Foundation. Sentimental? So what!

Cornfields, freshly plowed fields, vineyards and olive groves and lavender fields lie like pieces of a puzzle in the golden Tuscan sun, which is reflected in the river in its full glory. A little while and the day is over. This work is typical of Ronald Boonacker, an Amsterdam-born painter with bright colours and solar warmth on his palette.

Boonacker has traveled since he was 17 and after his military service he has rolled into the world of travel. He has been everywhere in the world and for many years the cosmopolitan lives from a suitcase. In the meantime his interest in art grows into a true passion. He gives lectures in, among other places, Rome, Venice and Florence, but he also wants to create himself. From the age of 40 he takes private painting lessons for a few years, but Boonacker continues to call himself self-taught. He settles in Spain for some time, rents an old monastery in Tuscany for a while and currently works alternately from his studios in Amsterdam and the Mexican Acapulco.

In many places on earth - from Kenya to Aruba and from Morocco to South Africa - he becomes fascinated by the overwhelming beauty and immeasurable grandeur of the surrounding landscape. He eagerly captures that on canvas and calls his artworks 'Gemsbokvlakte' or 'Una Serata Toscana'. He develops a unique, recognizable style, where exotic places with cypresses or palm trees take shape as scenic landscapes, always without people. Above the hills, mountains, plains and fields his canvases show a sun or full moon.

Over the years he has successively galleries in Amsterdam, Giethoorn and Ootmarsum, where his work is for sale. Nowadays he dedicates himself entirely to painting. "There lies my heart." Name recognition he gets in particular through his screen prints of Lake Garda, which he designs in 2009 for the ArtBag of the action 'Stop Aids Now!', of which 40,000 have been sold. With his screen prints, which get up to 30 colour shades, he has been very successful ever since. In many places in the country they can be found in the art loan and many dozens are depicted in his book 'Dreamed landscapes'.

Acrylic paint and 22-carat gold foil are Boonacker's most important means of expression. He also makes drawings and pastels on Japanese paper. Never outside, because there he is 'to quickly distracted by anything'. Inside, in his studio, he finds peace and paints freely from his memory. "That is where the canvas, the landscape must start talking", he once said in an interview.

This work still talks: it tells about a beautiful time, which is over and never comes back.

Also view: www.ronaldboonacker.com