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Frans & Kapma Foundation
To organize its art exhibitions, cultural (art) meetings, events and monograph publishing,
the FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION needs your help.

How to support:

  • Joining the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS of the FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION by donating at least 50 euro per year. As a member of the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS you will receive V.I.P invitations to all activities and you are entitled to a private tour in our house museum (up to 8 persons). You will also receive our newsletter (via email) in order to keep you informed about all the activities.
  • Donating a suitable artwork or an art collection makes you automatically member of the CIRCLE OF FRIENDS with all its benefits for at least 2 years.


Tax advantage
In September 2015 the FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION acquired the so called CULTURAL ANBI status. This means that one-time donations and regular donations are tax-deductible under certain conditions even up to 150 percent of the amount donated!
For more information see the website of the Tax Administration (Belastingdienst).

Yes! We wholeheartedly support the FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION (click here to login).

The FRANS & KAPMA FOUNDATION pursues a win-win scenario with its sponsors, whether they are companies, organizations or individuals. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us: ellis@frans-kapma-foundation.com