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Rijksmuseum frees 'The new man' of Nazi label

The Rijksmuseum has, 'after moving insight', given back the original title to the painting. Their change of name to 'The new man on the way to the new Nazi world order' is now deleted from all records and information systems. So this monumental work was stripped of the Nazi label!

As a consequence 'The new man' by Henri van de Velde has been removed from the permanent exhibition of the historic department. The painting would have got there a prominent place, after the reopening of the Rijksmuseum in 2013, but that’s off.

All this in response to our essay 'The controversial painting 'The new man' by Henri van de Velde (1896 – 1969)', that we emailed in December 2010 to museums, art historians, universities and media; and to the 'Commentary on the article 'Historical Highlights of the Rijksmuseum / The new man' by Dr. Kees Zandvliet (Historic Newspaper 5 / 2007) that was almost simultaneously send to the same institutions by Arnold van de Velde, son of the artist.

All kind of positive responses we received and various newspapers paid attention to the decisions of the Rijksmuseum and acknowledged that for artists from all over the world 'the new man' was a popular theme between the two world wars. We welcome this development. As art lovers we know Henri (Hendrik) van de Velde as a gifted and erudite artist, who occupies his own place among his contemporaries.

'The new man' is thus in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We do not know where the counterpart 'Jesus walks on the waters' is located. It would be interesting to hang both symbolic works side by side, because Henri van de Velde brings Mythology, Christianity and New Age together in a very special way.

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