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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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145. Paula Thies
146. Elli Slegten
147. Bep van Beek
148. Jan Homan
149. Annica Koot
150. Paul Hugo ten Hoopen
151. Gert Hendriksen
152. Dick Haakman
153. Jan van Kempen
154. Jetty Homan
155. W. Hüliam
156. Max Rädecker

'Homesick for a carefree day at the beach',
Oil on panel, 12 x 17 cm,
Signed: lower right 'd. james'
Keramiekfabriek 'Velsen' (1920-2002)

In September 2014 the District Court of the Northern Netherlands ruled that Aardewerk- en Tegelfabriek Tichelaar bv (Makkum) could be considered as an 'artist' and therefore be allowed to apply the reduced rate of six percent for the VAT levy. According to the court, when making and selling ceramic flower pyramids (including for the museum shop of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam) the relationship between artist and pottery factory is so unique that their contributions to the final result are hardly distinguishable.

You can say the same thing here. The vase, designed by Henk Boot and hand-painted, is 65 cm high and is made at the ceramic factory Velsen in Sassenheim. A collaboration that shows great artisticy and craftsmanship. Triumphantly stands the imposing vase with its beautiful colours and special decor between our paintings to show off.

Velsen Ceramic Factory has an eventful history. In 1920 Eelke Snel and Koen Mertens start a pottery in Velsen. Mertens, however, leaves the firm already after a year. The factory changes its name several times and is called Potterie Kennemerland in 1920 and 1921, after which the name Kennemer Pottenbakkerij is used until 1929 and then becomes N.V. Kennemer Potterij. Until 1932, when the company goes bankrupt. A fresh start is made with the new trade name E. Snel formerly N.V. Kennemer Potterij. In 1939 the firm is taken over by two painters, who continue the business under the name Kunstaardewerkfabriek Velsen. When the Germans claim the business premises in Velsen in 1943, they move to Sassenheim, where the name is changed again into Keramiekfabriek Velsen. In 1953 a large fire destroys the painting room and a large part of the factory. To continue the production process the painters work temporarily from a nearby café. Forty years later, fate strikes again when the factory is destroyed by fire. Again a restart is made. Finally, the factory definitely closes its doors in 2002.

In the course of its existence, a wide variety of models have been made, from ornate vases to beautifully stylized, abstract or non-abstract objects, from candlesticks to tableware. In addition to (almost) uni objects decorations are applied, ranging from art deco-like block edges to complicated two- and multi-coloured (polychrome) motifs from the flower, plant and bird world. It makes the dishes and (lid) vases into true works of art.

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